Chinese School Of Thoughts

By Ryan Finney


Confucianism is the belief that people are born good and good will be kept if the people are well educated and had a good government. Confucianists wanted everybody to treat their parents and elders well. A key quote to these beliefs is "Do not do to others what you would not wish for yourself".
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Legalism has very strict beliefs. Legalists believed in very powerful government and that all people are born evil and must work hard to be good. Rulers who followed legalism forced their people to work on very tough government projects, such as the Chinese with the Great Wall of China.
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Buddhists followed the teachings and wisdom of the Buddha, the one who achieved complete enlightenment. They believe that they can reach Nirvana through meditating, and being good in life.
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The taoists believed that little government involvement in peoples' lives was the best thing and people should live simple lives. People should also live peacefully with nature and balance the forces of good and evil. Their book is The Way Of Virtue.
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