A Career In Law Enforcement

RCMP NOC code: 4311

What is an RCMP officer?

The RCMP is a multi-faceted police force that deals with preventing and investigating crime; maintaining peace and order; enforcing laws; contributing to national security; ensuring the safety of state officials, visiting dignitaries and foreign missions; and providing vital operational support services to other police and law enforcement agencies within Canada and abroad. The FBI equivalent for Canada if you will. Like any job in law enforcement, the work environment can be dangerous and life-threatening. But people take this job knowingly risking their life to help others. The RCMP is unique in the world since it is a national, federal, provincial and municipal policing body.

Essential characteristics and skills

Some very important characteristics when working in law enforcement is co-operation. The ability to work with teammates and plan strategies are very important when making quick and decisive decisions. Being physically fit is an obvious one, but you also have to be mentally fit. Out on the job, officers experience traumatic experiences all the time and usually have their own appointed police psychologist. It helps to be proficient in English or French as police officers are always interacting with people, and should have good communication skills and interpersonal skills. Policing requires a mix of all the essential skills and typical characteristics so that they can tackle all kinds of problems.

Education Requirements

To become an RCMP officer, you need to have:

-Completed any secondary school

-Completed of a college program or university degree in law and security or in the social sciences.

-Be proficient in English or French

-A 3-6 month RCMP training program will be provided

(If you have a minimum two-year college diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution will no longer be required to write the RCMP Entrance Exam, which is a general ability test designed to determine an applicant's potential aptitude for police work. University graduates have not had to write this test since June 2015.)


-During 26-week training, cadets receive $500/week. The RCMP covers room and board, uniform, training courses, insurance and travel to and from the depot.

-A Constable will at first earn an annual salary of $50,674. Usually, within 36 months of service, your annual salary will have increased incrementally to $82,108.

-The amount goes of significantly depending on rank and if you are a normal RCMP officer or a special group of the RCMP. There are 9 ranks in the regular RCMP.

Future Outlook and Similar occupations

-Recently there has been a negative stigma about the police, which has influenced people to be reluctant when joining, this has caused employment rates for police to decline since 2011.

Other jobs like this:

-Correction officers and bailiffs

-EMTs and paramedics


-Private detectives and investigators

-Probation officers and Correctional treatment specialist

-Security guards and gaming surveillance officers