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Henry Ford School Newsletter, January 19, 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Henry Ford Families:

Have you ever heard that there is power in words? The words we choose have an influence and/or effect on those we address. Children by far are most influenced for good or bad by the words they hear from adults.

We should be careful with the words and tone of voice we choose when speaking to a child. What we say or don’t say, how we say it, and when we say it are so very, very important in shaping a child’s view of himself or herself. But it is even more important in shaping that child’s faith in us and their view of the world. We should always be constructive in our comments to a child. Never tell them, even jokingly, that they are fat or dumb or lazy or ugly. You would never do that maliciously, but they remember and may struggle for years trying to forget—and to forgive.

It is also important not to compare your children, even if you think you are skillful at it. You may say in a real sincere and positive manner that “Jill is pretty and Mary is bright,” but all Jill will remember is that she isn’t bright, and Mary that she isn’t pretty. This is a lesson I learned years ago with my two boys. Praise each child individually for what that child is, and help him or her to escape our culture’s obsession with comparing, competing, and never feeling we are good enough.

January has always been a time to reflect on the past and to set goals and aspirations for the excitement of a new year ahead. It is also a great time to reflect on our own faith, hope, and appreciation for the ones we love. May each of us always remember positive ways to address all of our loved ones, especially our children.

May the start of this new year bring renewed hope and excitement and a return to normalcy.


Al Rosell, Ed.D.

Principal, Henry Ford School

– – – – – – – CALENDAR OF EVENTS – – – – –

All Meeting Links will be emailed


19, Tuesday, First Day of In-Person Teaching and Learning

25, Monday, RSCD Reclassified Ceremony, 5:30 PM

26, Tuesday, School Site Council, 4:00 PM

28, Thursday, Virtual Coffee with the Principal, 9:00 AM


2, Tuesday, Picture Make-up Day

9, Tuesday, Super Minimum Day, Instruction ends at 11:45 AM.

10, Wednesday, Family Eat Out Night @ Mountain Mikes


All students who have returned to school for In-Person Learning or who are in the School's Learning Hubs, are highly encouraged to be tested regularly for Covid 19. Testing for students will start next week. Parents must give their consent for testing. Please contact the School office if you have not signed a permission form for your child: 650-482-2404

Share with us Your Favorite Picture of Your Child with a Facemask

The yearbook wants to see your child's favorite facemask! For Henry Ford families, the yearbook wants pictures of your child wearing their favorite mask for the School yearbook. 2020-2021 will be remembered for masks, and we want to add a few pages of our Mustangs' favorites. Please submit your pictures to


Prior to going on Holiday Break last month, one of our school community partners, PCC of Redwood City, organized a Holiday Giving Store for families. Two days prior to the event, San Mateo County went into Purple Tier status. This meant that most non-essential indoor businesses or activities should close. To say the least, we were devastated that families may not receive their store-purchased gifts for the Holidays. However, at the last minute, we were informed that stores (like the stores in the malls and elsewhere in the community) could remain open if they followed proper Covid-19 protocols for safety. This meant that among other safety precautions, buildings and stores could open but with only 20% or less of their capacity.

This was wonderful news for our families. The Holiday Store could go forward, and families were able to come to our MUB to select their store-purchased goods for the Holidays. Although entrance had to be restricted to only 2 families at a time, and only 2 family members were allowed in the building, all of our 17 families were able to receive their gifts in time for the Holidays.

We want to thank PCC for their time, resources, and volunteers who made this special event a success for our families despite the needed adjustments to meet safety protocols during these difficult times. Click on video link below for a glimpse of the store and how it operated.

Family Giving Store, Henry Ford School

Project Cornerstone Needs You!

  • Project Cornerstone is once again starting at Henry Ford, thanks to the help of our volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a docent or helping out, please email