welcome to warren middle schoool

you are absolutly going to love middle school!!!

cross country

in cross country you will stay fit run a lot win ribbons and medals and have an extra chance to make new friends.however, you do have to be willing to train outside of school, so if you like to run; get out there and win some medals


in track you can show off your running abilities and skills win races against your friends and compete with your friends, but one thing is for sure if you don't like running this surly wont be the place for you.

student council

in student council you will have plenty of chances to receive the following: great leadership skills, many ways to get involved in school activities, different ways to meat new students, and plan a bunch of fun occasions for you and your school. not to mention if you are shy this might not be the best place for you because you will have to speak to a lot of people if you are in student council.

musical theater

in musical theater you will learn lots of cool dances you will learn how to sing better and you will have the chance to be in amazing musicals. in addition to singing and dancing when the musical time comes you have to be at every long-tiring practice or you will loose you part in the musical.


in athletics you workout everyday you can play any sports you like including: basketball volleyball track and cross country.before we workout each day we stretch.