Daniel's Design A Classroom

This is my design a classroom smore flyer.

Desk Arrangment

So to start things out, I arranged all of the desks to be circling around the room. Also, I arranged them so that everyone could see the action of classmates working in the workstations, which are in the middle. You’ll find out about work stations after this. Also, with the position of the desks, everyone should be able to see the smart board
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Workstations And Lab Demonstration Area

So... About the workstations. They are mini stations to do fun work including science experiments, educational games, and Make-Up-Station, in case you need to make up work, you have time there. The lab demonstration area will be for classmates and Mrs. Lieberman to demonstrate experiments, etc.

So, are you liking my classroom yet... well there's MORE!!

Top Section

The top section of my classroom has the smart board in a position where everyone can see it. Also, on the left and right top corners of the top section are the lab equipment storage area for all of our fun science equipment, and the teacher area which includes Mrs. Lieberman's desk, and whatever else she wants in her area.
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