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News You Can Use for the Week of 03/23-3/27

Important News!

  • This coming Friday is early release, at 12:30.
  • PTA's Winter Wonderland Dance has been rescheduled due to inclement weather. The new date is Friday, March 27th, from 6-8 PM.

The BIG Event

It’s almost time for The Big Event – the East Zone’s first ever cross-feeder service project that focuses on giving back to our communities through service oriented activities.

The Big Event will be held Saturday, March 21 from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m., and we would love to have you participate in giving back to our community!

Volunteers may now register to participate in the event or find a cause to support and donate needed items for. Visit www.lisd.net/bigevent to learn more.

Join your fellow community members for a Big Event kick-off rally at Career Center East (located at 2553 F.M. 544 in Lewisville) at 8 a.m. on March 21. There will be special appearances by TCHS Head Football Coach Rudy Rangel, HHS Head Football Coach Brian Brazil and mascots from both high schools. Music will pump everyone up for this awesome day of service and fun.

"Step-Parenting: Should I Discipline the Kids or Not?"

"Step-Parenting: Should I Discipline the Kids or Not?"

Weekly, we will send you a link from a parenting resource called, "Love and Logic. I believe you will appreciate the information as much as I have.


iOS 8 Update!

iOS 8.1.3 was released by Apple recently. It is okay to update LISD issued iPads, so please make sure your students iPad is updated as soon as possible. Thank you!

TWITTER has made its way to ICE!

In an effort to connect more with technology and to interact with our community in a different way, ICE teachers are taking to Twitter! Be sure to follow your favorite teachers to see and get updates on what is being done in the classroom/school!

Mrs. Brown - @MrsBrowngrade5

Mrs. Finley - @finleys5thgrade

Mrs. Horne - @fearlessin5th

Mrs. Purvis - @fifthisfun

Mrs. Vitosh - @AmyVitosh

Fifth Grade Twitter handle - @5thicefalcons

Upcoming Dates

Friday, March 27 - Early Release, 12:30

Saturday, March 21 - the BIG Event

Friday, March 27 - Winter Wonderland Dance AND End of 3rd Nine Weeks

Tuesday, March 31 - STAAR Reading Test

New Accountability Plan

As you already know, we have begun a new accountability plan and a sheet explaining the new plan went home earlier this week. As we enter the last eighteen weeks of school, we want to help prepare the kids for Middle School as much as possible, so we have used the Late Work Policy at Arbor Creek to create our own policy to best suit our students' needs. Our goal is to help students learn more responsibility, especially when it comes to their work, and to learn how to hold themselves accountable. Please make sure you talk with your kiddo about the new plan, sign the bottom portion together and then return the signed form to school. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher.

Digital Citizenship

5th grade began teaching Digital Citizenship lessons to the students Friday, December 12th. We will teach one or two lessons each week, as our schedule allows. The students will be given a Digital Citizenship "passport" and will earn badges/stamps for each lesson they complete successfully. Inside the passport, is a list of rules the students must follow when using their technology. This passport will also be used to keep track of any problems that occur with the student's use of their technology. On the back of the passport is a chart detailing the consequences for each different level of technology misconduct. If you have any questions about the Digital Citizenship project, please contact your child's teacher.

This link contains excellent resources for parents wishing to look into how to keep their child safe on the Internet:


Academic Tutoring

Fifth grade teachers are still offering tutoring on Wednesday afternoons, from 3:05-3:35. Your child's teacher will notify you if they would like your student to attend tutoring. If you feel your child needs to attend tutoring, for either reading or math, please contact your student's homeroom teacher.

STAAR Tutoring




Please make sure you pick your child up in the front of the school at 3:30.


LISD Student Software Applications Resource for Parents and Students (Link Below)

This week in ELAR

Our focus for the third nine weeks will be poetry and drama. We will be learning various skills and information through these reading genres. Next week we will continue to focus on reading strategies and comprehension. The essential questions we will use to support our focus are:

  • "How does making connections and synthesizing information from one text to another deepen your comprehension?"
  • "How does applying a variety of strategies help you to read critically?" We will also continue to focus on the different types of sentences: simple, compound and complex.

Our focus will also help us in preparations for the upcoming Reading STAAR test on Tuesday, March 31. I have also shared a STAAR vocabulary flashcard resource with the students and they should be studying at least 5 vocabulary words each night.

Academic Vocabulary for the week: summarize, analyze, evaluate

Please continue to make sure your kiddo is doing their daily reading log and logging at least 20 minutes of reading a day and completing iStation on Wednesdays! I have really enjoyed reading their logs each week and seeing their thought process!


Monday--Reading Log

Tuesday--Reading Log

Wednesday--iStation on home computer or iPad

Thursday--Reading Log

iStation Resource for Parents:


This week in Math

This coming week, your students will...

  • Describe key attributes of coordinate plane (8A)
  • Describe the process for graphing ordered pairs of numbers in first quadrant of coordinate plane (8B)
  • Graph (in first quadrant) ordered pairs of numbers arising from mathematical/real-world problems— include those generated from patterns or found in input-output tables (8C)

We will also continue to review expressions, variables and equations.

HOMEWORK ALERT!!! They will have math homework daily! Some evenings they will have a paper and other nights they will be asked to access Khan Academy or Think Through Math.

The website for their math textbook is www.pearsonrealize.com. Their log-in is their last initial, first initial, ID number@lisd (example: va12345678@lisd). All student passwords are abcd1234.

Think Through Math, http://www.thinkthroughmath.com, is another online resource your children have accessed. I will be checking to make sure they work with this resource at home at least two times a week. Please encourage your child to access this great resource as well. They all have their usernames and passwords saved in their Evernote account.

This Week In Science

Below you will find a link that will assist you with making science connections with your children at home. It is called STEMscopepedia. Please ask your child to log in with their username and password in order to read this wonderful resource.

Learning Goals...

The student is expected to differentiate between weather and climate.

  • Weather refers to the daily environmental conditions we experience around us. It is also used to describe the condition of the atmosphere in a place at a certain time.

  • Climate refers to the average conditions in a place over a longer period of time.

  • Weather can be observed each day, whereas climate must be observed over time.

Essential Questions...

  • What is weather? What are some characteristics of weather?

  • What is climate? What are some characteristics of climate?

  • What is the difference between weather and climate?

Parents, in order to to encourage your child to complete the activities in the STEMscopepedia link below, I am offering them a chance to make extra credit if they bring in a completed activity that they did at home with you.

Weather and Climate

Look at the "What Do You Know?" on page 69 and have the students email me their Venn Diagram, worth 10 extra bonus points.


If you are able to complete the "Connecting with your Child", on page 70 would be extremely eye-opening for your family, worth 15 points. All answers need to be emailed to my address at purvisad@lisd.net.

This Week in Social Studies

We will finish our unit on the American Revolution. We all know who won the Revolution, so the big question we will focus on instead is, "How did the colonists win the Revolution?" We will then begin a short unit on our Constitution. The big question we will use for our focus is, "What are the key features of the US Constitution?" With this unit, the students will:

  • identify weaknesses of both the Articles of Confederation and the work of the delegates that created the documents.
  • examine and list the key powers of the three branches of government created by the Constitution.
  • identify three issues the delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed on and three they debated.
We will also continue to bring our knowledge from Language Arts and synthesize information, draw conclusions, summarize and make predictions as we learn about our history.

Social Studies Alive Online Curriculum

The students are able to access the social studies curriculum, Social Studies Alive, from their iPads (and should also have a shortcut saved to their home screen). Below is the information they will use to log-in.

User Name: last name, first initial

Password: ID # (numbers only)

teacher email: hornej@lisd.net

A Message from our Counselor

Calling all dads...

Please consider joining our Watch D.O.G.S program! If you are interested, please follow this link to fill out some information for Mrs. Sanchez: Watch DOGS information sheet

If you are able to join, follow this link to order your t-shirt before your volunteer time: order a shirt


Please support our school by joining PTA! Follow this link to see what our amazing PTA has in store for us and find out about membership information!


Our PTA is also live on Facebook! You can find them at https://www.facebook.com/icepta.

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