"What's Your Type?'

By: Trinidy Clark


Description of ESFJs

  1. ESFJs are good to be around most people enjoy being around them. They make others feel good about themselves or the things they do.
  2. Well known as being popular, they tend to take responsibility's and other tasks very seriously.
  3. ESFJs have a need to be independent and being controlled or labelled. However they do not believe in controlling others.

Common Traits of ESFJs

ESFJs a soft communication style , have a wide circle including friends and acquaintances. ESFJ'S communicate with people that has the same mindset as theres for example " sensing and feelings " A successful conversation with ESFJ'S however is a topic that talks about concrete and ongoing issues..

I think this Does/Does Not Describe My Personaliy (ESFJ)

In a way it do I do enjoy being around people, and bringing happiness I tend to care about others than caring about myself. I feel like nobody's perfect so you should get treated the way you want to be treated. However it is some things that I don't agree with about "ESFJ" For example, im a shy person so most times I do be scared to voice my opinion. I keep a lot of things in rather than letting them out. I prefer to be by myself we're its quiet and peaceful instead of being in a big crowd that's loud.