Professional Learning - Summer 2017

Southwest Plains Regional Service Center

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Pathways to Reading - Level 1

Monday, July 24th, 12am to Friday, July 28th, 12am

810 Lark Avenue

Sublette, KS

Pathways to Reading is professional learning designed to assist the teacher in understanding phonemic awareness and phonics and their relationship to the development of reading and spelling, preventively and remedially. Participants will learn:

  • about recent research findings and conclusions
  • how to assess and teach phonemic awareness and phonics and integrate the instruction with other research-based components of fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
  • how to differentiate and pace small group instruction as they provide tier one through tier three support in an RTI model. Pathways to Reading (PTR) training is for:
  • K – 2nd grade general education teachers
  • All levels of an RTI model: Special education, Title 1, Reading Specialists, ESL teachers, Interventionists at all grade levels
  • 3rd – 12th grade general education teachers who support students with decoding difficulties
  • Para-professionals that provide and support student instruction
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August 8 - 9, 2017

Paraprofessionals are vital to the success of all of our students! But even when districts recognize their importance, too often the paras are not given training in how to support students most effectively. This workshop will teach participants ways to support students' in many ways, including second language acquisition, expectations for students at various levels of language learning, ways to support students without giving the answers, and strategies to build positive relationships that are crucial for student learning. Objectives: Participants will learn the stages of language acquisition. Participants will learn ways to ask questions and provide support for students' learning. Participants will learn the connection of student learning to positive relationships.

Paras will take away specific questions to ask when students seek help, positive ways to learn about and build relationships with students, and ways to support students who struggle, especially those learning a second language.

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