Career Center

Individual Student Centered Transition Employment Program Services

This program is for students 18-21 with significant cognitive impairments.

Students participating in this program have met qualifying entrance

criteria outlined by the school district.

We are committed to serving students on an individual basis. We provide

student-centered planning based on strengths, preferences, and interests to

ensure that every student is a part of our community, and has the skills necessary

to live a quality life as indepdentently as possible. Students are supported in

their least restrictive environments and learning age-appropriate content

with their peers. This program has a large community-based component to

promote rigorous lifetime learning, employment skills, friendships, and community inclusion. We collaborate with our students, families, community agencies,

and local businesses to ensure student success.

Please call (970) 254-6027 or (970) 254-6028 for more information!

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