Healthy vs. Unhealthy

What should you put into your body?

Gold Medal: Most Healthy

You're just craving a small snack! You want it to be healthy but you can't decide what it should be. Here's a tip, pick almonds! Having a small serving is great! Almonds are low in sugar and sodium. Also, they contain good fats in them.

Gold Medal: Most Unhealthy

A Twinkie. America's most loved junk food that has been brought back and loved by more people every day. However, it is also the unhealthiest snack. Twinkies are so high in sugar and don't have many healthy benefits. It is filled with mostly sodium and bad fats. Next time you want a sweet desert, don't go for a twinkie!

Silver Medal: 2nd Most Healthy

Want a snack for that sweet tooth of yours? Try yogurt! There's tons of flavors to choose from to fit your needs! Yogurt in high in calcium and Vitamin B. This sweet snack is also low in cholesterol.

Silver Medal: 2nd Most Unhealthy

McDonald's is guaranteed the most popular fast-food restaurant throughout the world. But it might not be when people find out what is really in their food. The chicken McNuggets may be one of the most popular foods there- next to their savory fries, but they may be the unhealthiest. These mini "chicken" nuggets are not made of 100% real chicken. The fact that restaurants false advertise what is in their meals scare me! McNuggets are also super high in sodium and bad fats (from the deep-frier).

Bronze Medal: 3rd Healthiest

When you're at the movies, you're so tempted by the candy and soda that you forget you can actually get something healthy, popcorn. You may ask, why would something like that be healthy? Well, popcorn is low in sugar and sodium, and it's also low in saturated fat. Try this the next time you go to the movies!

Bronze Medal: 3rd Unhealthiest

You wake up in the morning and you're craving the toasted deliciousness of a strawberry poptart. You are almost to the toaster when one thing stops you- the nutrition label. You may think that since it is a strawberry pop-tart it is healthy, but really, pop-tarts are very high in sugar. They also include a lot of starch and there's not many good benefits.