Harvard University

By: Aryana Hughes

About Harvard

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachussets. Its Mascot is John Harvard, the pilgrim. In 1636, Harvard was established. The college was made from the will established from John Harvard. Later in 1836, they came to find a sketch of a shield with the word Verita, meaning truth and that became their school motto. Crimson became the school colors in 1910 after and long decision dispute between choosing crimson or magenta. Harvard has lots of college presidents that went back into the 1600s.

Fees, fees, and more fees

As you probably know well, Harvard is one the top universities so it is expensive. The in state cost of tuition for Harvard is $38,891. As part of that tuition are the board and room fee which is $14,115. Luckily you can apply for financial aid which has a fall deadline on February and March 1st.


Three activities students can get involved with at Harvard are organizations like sports, music, and drama & dance. In sports you can join a team at the school or make your own. Also making varsity in any sport is an option if you are chosen. There are fitness facilities for the athletic programs, and there are club sport like water polo, volleyball, and soccer. In music you can choose from things like orchestra, choir, jazz, choral, glee club, etc. Drama & Dance provide courses on learning how to act, directing, play writing, etc.

Future Plans

My first major in college that i want to take are in business and the second one is in dance and music. I think these are some of my specialties and Harvard would help me in that department. With my degree i want to use it to join and later start my own business. The average salary for a business associate is $61,597.

SATS, FACTS, And Other Things

The admission requirements for Harvard are turning in a SAT with lots of writing on it, have a teacher report from high school, and placing 7 on three higher level tests. Some reason why i want to go to Harvard are because it teaches you higher learning, it is one of the best schools, and it would give me more experience. Also i find it interesting that they have 14,500 graduates and professionals, 47 noble laureates in honors, and 10,400 academic appointments affiliated with teaching hospitals so that students can learn more in their majors like in medicine. All in all you can see that Harvard is a great choice for many reasons.