Online Safety

What to do and what not to do

1. Protect your privacy from the public

  • Create a strong password for your online account and never share it with anyone
  • Check the privacy settings to make your account is private and not for everyone to see
  • Never share your private information, including your name, address, phone number, or any information that you would not everyone to see.
  • Be careful abut posting any photographs - they can last on the internet forever.

2. Be careful meeting new people online

  • Do not share personal information with anyone - you really do not know to whom you are talking.
  • Do not ever decide to meet anyone in person without your parents supervision.
  • Do not give anyone you met online your phone number and do not text them either.

3. Use proper netiquette while online

  • While posting anything written online, reread your comments and check your tone, grammar and spelling
  • Behave appropriately online and treat people with respect.
  • Report any texts from strangers or bullies to your parents.
  • Don't forward any inappropriate pictures or comments to anyone.
  • Report anything that makes you feel unsafe or threatened.

Most of all....have fun surfing the net, but keep SAFE!!!

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