Rylie Krueger


  • Country: Bhutan
  • Capital city: Timphu
  • Population: 725,296

Geographic Boundries

  • China is to the North.
  • Bangladesh is to the South.
  • India is to the East.
  • Nepal is to the West.

Physical Features

  • Gangkar Puesum is the highest peak, it stands at 10,456 feet tall, and is North of Bhutan.
  • Dangme Chu belongs to lowest point of Bhutan at 318 feet tall and is in the Southeast.


  • Bhutanese people are mainly herders who move according to changing seasons.
  • Buddhism moved into Bhutan in the seventh century.
  • In the middle of Bhutan there is a Buddha temple.
  • Guru Rimpoche established the first Buddhism school in Bhutan for pilgrims and monks.

People and Places:Religion

  • The percentage for Buddhism is 75% and Hinduism is 25% in the economy.
  • Mahayana Buddhism is the only official religion in Bhutan.
  • Bhutanese people pray regularly for good luck.
  • Lamas (teaching monks) sometimes name babies and create village festivals.

My Choice:The Flag

  • The dragon Druk (dragon of thunder) is on the Bhutan flag.
  • The jewel norbu stands for wealth, the jewel is placed in the claws of Druk.
  • The color white stands for purity.
  • The orange and yellow stand for spiritual and non-spiritual meanings.
  • Orange is for Buddhism and yellow is for the ruling dynasties.

Society:Getting Around

  • Bhutan's country side folk walk to where they have to go.
  • Families have cars but most take buses, taxis, or passenger cars to the places they need to be.
  • Traffic lights aren't allowed in the country so policeman have to direct traffic.
  • Bhutan doesn't have railways but they are being put in to connect Bhutan to India.


  • Lhotshampa celebrate Diwali and Dasain.
  • Dasain celebration celebrates how good overpowers evil.
  • Young children get money as a gift from grandparents.
  • Monks perform Buddhists legends at the Tsechu for entertainment.