Five Simple Tips to Relieve Stress

Simple Easy Ways to Cope

As a student there are many factors and situations that could bring about an extreme amount of stress. Dealing with stress seems easier said than done at times especially as home works pile up, deadlines draw near and curricular as well as extracurricular activities seem to never end. Here are a few helpful tips and pointers that may come in handing when dealing with stress.

1. Eat Right

Not eating right in general can not only lead to health problems but may also elevate stress levels and once you are stressed eating habits may become worse. When stressed you may among other things begin to eat the wrong foods, increase your level of fast and or junk food intake, skip meals, drink too much coffee etc.

Now a healthy diet may not be something you see as a stress relief option but your diet has the power to either elevate your brain power and function or decrease and even sap out necessary energy that you need to function and study properly. So make sure you have a balanced and healthy diet and you will notice how much more energetic you feel and this will help diminish stress.

2. Power Naps

It would be great to be able to say just sleep right being as sleep deprivation is a key cause of stress but as a student with a very busy schedule unfortunately that is not always an option. A downside to not sleeping well is not functioning well so if you find that you are unable to get a full night’s sleep then practice power napping which will help give you small bursts of energy throughout your very busy day.

3. Exercise

One of the most effective ways to not only prevent stress but to also blow off steam in the moment is through exercise. Now your schedule may not allow enough time for a long exercise routine but even half an hour of yoga, a small brisk walk, a quick run or a bike ride on a daily basis will really lower your stress levels.

4. Breathing and Meditation

At times when you experience extreme stress you may find that you even forget to breathe properly. It is of course important to prevent this which can be done by simple breathing techniques as well as the daily practice of meditation but even in the moment of stress stop, slow down and focus on taking deep breathes in and out until you feel the stress leaving your body.

5. Positive Living and Thinking

In general it seems that positive people experience less stress and their circumstances seem to improve better so another recommendation when dealing with stress is to look on the bright side of things. Focus on the positive, on how great it will be when you project is finished, on the many goals you are accomplishing and how far you will go if you stick to it.

These are just a few simple ways to help prevent and relieve stress. Just remember to eat right, rest well, exercise, breathe and stay positive. You can also try listening to music as well as taking time to absorb nature and the beauty around you. Laugh, always laugh whenever possible and you will feel your stress melting away.
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