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Tropicana Speeches!! **IMPORTANT**

Today your child will be coming home with some papers about Tropicana Speech. This is a very fun and exciting project.

The highlights: they need to create an original 2-3 minute speech.
The speech can be given on ANYTHING!!
The students are allowed to use note cards, but they CANNOT read from the note cards. This is a speech. The note cards must contain NOTES only; not the whole speech.
Students need to make eye contact through at least 70% of the speech.
We do not say "Hello, my name is _____________" at the beginning or "Thank you" at the end!
Watch the video for some winning examples of the expectations!!

Here is a link to a video of some 5th grade winners from last year.

please read over the papers I sent home today and students need to come up with 1. a topic 2. a title 3. dot down a couple of points they plan to add their speech. Be prepared to share tomorrow!!

Students will be working on the speech at home and in school M-T-W-Th. Speeches should be complete Friday when students come to school. I will look over their speech cards and title. The homework this weekend will be for students to practice, practice, practice!!!

Speech will be given in class on Mon. All speeches will be graded and I will select a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd grade winner for our class. I will be sending home a rubric for the speech tomorrow.
The first place winners from each will present to the entire 5th grade on April 1st or 2nd and a 5th grade winner will be selected from our school. That student will then present their speech at the county level.

Email me with any questions.

Have FUN!!