Consequences in the City of Astrid


The city of Astrid holds a very strict prison and has many rules you must follow. There will be security guards and police men everywhere so there should be no runaways and if there is, there will be further and even harsher punishments.

Driving past Curfew?

If a citizen is driving in any sort of vehicle past the limit of 11:30, the government will cut their food portions from 3 meals a day to 2 meals not including any snacks.


If a citizen is found running in public or seen speaking in a loud lone of voice or even screaming they will be given a warning, 3 warnings and the citizen will be taken to jail for a course of days that the judge suggests.


If a citizen refuses to follow the orders of President Scarlet they will not be given a warning and will be in jail for an amount of days, months or even years that the president herself will decide.

Invading Privacy

If a citizen asks any questions of any family issues or any problems another citizen is not comfortable with they will be given extra working hours or several hours of community service.


The society's curfew is 12am. No one should be outside or driving past curfew and will get a few hours of community service.


If a citizen is found stealing anything weather it's food, clothes etc, they will not be able to visit the entertainment establishment (recreation center) for a course of 2 weeks.


If a citizen is not respectful and kind to another person, they will receive community service hours.