Peter's Declaration About Jesus

By Laura

A Detailed Explanation

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The Piece of Scripture

My piece of scripture is Peter's Declaration About Jesus
Luke 8,18 to 20
Matthew 16,13 to 19

Matthew and Luke's Community

Matthew and Luke are both writers of the gospel.Matthew and Luke write for there communities Luke's community were born as christian however Matthews community were converts, this is why Matthew gets into more detail as he writes

Some Information

  • This happened in Caesarea Phillip

Underneath are the historical fact and the religious truths

Historical Facts

Historical Facts:



Caesarea Philippi

Prophets,Jeremiah,John the Baptist,Jesus,Simon,Peter,Elijah,

Messiah and the disciples

Religious truths

Religious truths

Who do the crowds say I am

Who do people say the son of man is

Who do you say I am

For this truth did not come to you from any human being, but it was given to you directly by my father in heaven