Plan for seeing you IN PERSON! Yay!

Excited to see you!

Superintendent Mrs. Simenson

January 12th, 2021


Our COVID numbers continue to decrease which is the best news we could ask for. We are going to have our Early Childhood and Ripley students begin In-Person Learning on Tuesday, January 19. We are also having our Middle School and High School students return to Hybrid Learning on the 19th as well.

With that being said, our goal is to return all students to In-Person Learning by February 16. During February 1 - 15 we will continue Middle School and High School Hybrid Learning but also offer Extended Learning Opportunities for some of our kiddos as well.

Administrators will invite students to attend the Extended Learning Opportunities if they are at risk academically or needing additional mental health support. These students will attend school for all four days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) during Hybrid Learning.

Please remember that this schedule is subject to COVID and may need to be adjusted. Please reach out to me or any of our building principals if you have questions or concerns.

January 4-15:

  • Distance Learning for all

January 18:

  • PD Day for Certified Staff

January 19-29:

  • All Early Childhood and Ripley K-4 students return to In-Person Learning.

  • Middle School and High School Grades 5-12 Hybrid Learning

    • Tuesday, January 19 - Cohort A

    • Wednesday, January 20 - Cohort A

    • Thursday, January 21 - Cohort B

    • Friday, January 22 - Cohort B

    • Monday, January 25 - Cohort A

    • Tuesday, January 26 - Cohort A

    • Wednesday, January 27 - FLEX Day

    • Thursday, January 28 - Cohort B

    • Friday, January 29 - Cohort B

Stay Safe!

Beckie Simenson



Continue to watch for Superintendent Simenson's School Covid information available on our website at this link.

Communication from Principals regarding returning to hybrid & in-person:

Mr. Olson

Reminder letter From Mr.Olson

Mrs. Brown

Mr. Michels

Mr. Brown

Activities Press Release: WCC Spectators, Fans, and Non-Conference Opponents

Communication from Rebecca Pratt regarding returning to hybrid & in-person for Preschool and the Families in ECFE.


Litchfield Public Schools will continue to offer meals to students during distance learning by a weekly submission of a meal order form to sign up for pick-up. The form will be available each Thursday starting at 10:00 a.m. and closing on Sunday at 10:00 p.m. Please reference the Litchfield Schools website ( under Quicklinks>School Meal Order Form for full details and information regarding meal service during distance learning.

Technical Assistance

  • Please utilize our Device Support Form for support. You will receive much better support when we can all see the request and the correct person can reach out asap.

Support Staff includes: Kim Kalkbrenner, Nancy Kargas, Jill Brink, Carianne Crusoe, Tracy Johnson, Jean Halbur, Technology Director Jennifer Ridgeway

Device Care

  • Do NOT leave your device out in the COLD (example: Don't leave it in your backpack in your car.)
  • Do NOT leave your cord on the floor for your pet (We replaced many cords recently chewed up by puppies and cats.)
  • Do NOT leave liquids near your device (Liquid spills leak into the device and damage it. There is also a charge for damage.)

  • DO turn the device off and give it a break.
  • DO run updates if they are available.

If your student's device is "acting up" not working properly, ask them if updates have been taken care of. Parents of students in grades K-5 will be informed by teachers if updates need to occur on the iPads.

MACBOOKS: In self service under MacOS find a button called Grab Software Updates. This first step takes about 5 minutes. When it is complete, it tells you to restart. You may have to restart a second time for the actual updates to run.

Healthy Habits - Device Limits

We encourage you to check what your child is doing on their school device and personally owned devices like cell phones. Explore the internet (or links below) for parental controls for personally owned devices. Visit CommonSenseMedia.Org to find reviews or advise on what might be appropriate for your child.

Healthy Habits -

Set Time Limits (turn off the device and take a break)

Turn off Notifications (constant notifications of text messages, emails, social media posts)

Set Bed Time Limits (do not allow devices in bedrooms during sleep times)

Set Do Not Disturb (it's ok to "not be available" sometimes and unplug)

Apple iPhone:

Android phone:

How to set time limits for Netflix, Playstation, Xbox

Additional Parental Controls

For more information on understanding child and adolescent development in regards to screen time and technology, check out Erin Walsh.

Securly Parent Feature (School Owned Devices)

Securly - Securly Parent feature works well for students in grades 4-12 using school owned iPads or OS Macbook devices. With Securly Parent, parents can see a log of activity and sites their student is using and key words they are searching for. This is an app the parent installs on their phone or personal iPad. Parents should click this form to sign up. After signing up your info will be upload to Securly and you will receive an email from Securly.