The Juvenile Justice System

A Justice Sytem For Youth

Important Terms

  • juvenile- a child or young person under the age set by law (usually 18 years)
  • rehabilitate- restore to useful life, usually through treatment and education

  • delinquent- having failed to do what the law requires, according to a judicial ruling
  • restitution- act of making up in some way for the harm caused by the accused person

Main Ideas

  1. The juvenile justice system Is designed to deal with youths that break the law.
  2. Reformers of the 1800s believed that the real causes of juvenile crime were a lack of moral education and standards.
  3. Children and young people found guilty of crimes were prosecuted in criminal court, given the same sentences as adults, and put in the same jails as adults.
  4. Each state has its own juvenile justice system with its own laws and practices.
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BY: Bernachi, Ethan, Jordan, And Morgan