1st Quarter Reveiw

Engineering and Technology class

The Design Process

The design process is an iterative 6-step problem-solving process which is used to make products that meet human needs and/or wants. It is mostly used by engineers to invent or innovate products. The picture on the right shows the steps of the design process.

Design Breif

A design brief is a document which identifies the client, it clearly states the client's problem or need, says how the engineer will solve the problem, and says the rules and limits which engineer has to make the product in. To the left is an example of a design brief.

Design Matrix

The design matrix is used to compare and contrast designs using specific criteria. To the right is an example of a design matrix.

Carry-all Basket

We had to create a carry-all bike basket that held a Yorkshire puppy, a first aid kit, bottled water, lunch, and 2 containers with dog food and water. After that we had to try to sell it to the consumer/costumer.