Pastry Chef

Kylie Gary

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Job Description

Pastry chef are required to do about 10 to 16 hours of work a day starting off at 3 or 4 am. they don't always travel unless it a big cake decorating company like in the show cake boss where they have to finish the cake at the destination. The location for the job that I'm applying for is in san Francisco California, paying between $30,000 and $50,000 a year.

Qualifications/Skills needed for a Pastry Chef

You need to have a associates degree in order to be a pastry chef. While not mandatory, many dessert and pastry chefs demonstrate culinary skills by earning professional certification. Pastry chefs need to be experience in everything. From dishwashing to managing the restaurant. They have to know it all. The professional skills needed are organization, being on time, obedient. The select skill set needed are creativity, leadership skills, hand-eye coordination, sense of taste and smell, time management, and business acumen.

Reasons Why I Chose This Career

-With this job you will be able to expression your creative mind in all of your work because your decorating all of you pastries.

-With this jobs you are able to come up with new recipes and unique decorations for your new pastry creations.

-With this job you will able to make other people happy or put a smile on there face when they take a bite of your delicious looking and smelling pastry.

-With this job you will be able to express your whole life into your baking. You will be able to forget the bad things in life and focus on the little details on your pastry. Its a stress reliever.