the race inequality solution:

the solution to racial discrimination involving employment

The solution

We have found a solution to this problem through many tests and eliminations to find the best for our cause: we wrote an anti discrimination policy protesting for employers to stop judging applicant on their skin color . People need to focus more on the mind, what really matters, instead of their skin color. The solution we chose is based on awareness so people realize this is a huge problem and how we need to put an end to it.We have flyers set up at destinations of populated work places and on smore, plus we have a twitter account to spread this message through social media.

Why Will This Work?

The flyers work because they tell people what their doing wrong, by showing facts of whats happening, stating what this kind of discrimination is causing, to make them feel for our topic, and make a change. We decided to hang them around populated work areas to alert people hiring not to base there decision on race, and to pressure them with the protesting of these statements. The twitter helps by spreading awareness towards the purpose of the flyers with a hashtag, #diversity so people socially online get the word and soon can spread it too.

The message

the message is short and simple. Don't ever decide a job placement based on race. ever. It counts as discrimination, and that's not right.

call to action

When we realize all the facts about discriminating blacks, and how much of a roll it plays today, that's when we decide to take action on this topic. the graph below and facts were stated by "Black people currently make up about 13.8 percent of the U.S. population, and about 27 percent of these Americans fall below the poverty line. The population overall rates as about 15 percent poor. So black people in the United States face nearly twice the risk of living in poverty as average Americans" - more at:
and according to, underemployment rates in 2004 started with whites at 4.7% unemployed, while blacks were up to 10.8%. medicine worth by race during 2003 whites made $265,000 and blacks only at $28,500.
so let stake advantage of this call and out it into action, and spread awareness today on twitter, #diversity
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