Tundra biome project

By Chase poe

About the tundra

The tundra gets an average rain fall of 10 inches yearly. The biome has a wide verity of wild life. The soil is covered by a layer of permanently frozen ground called permafrost but it thaws in the brief summer. The Temperature can reach a freezing -70 degrees Fahrenheit. The tundra is home to most fragile ecosystem in the world.

abiotic biotic factors

abiotic: chilling air, not very fertile soil, mostly snow for precipitation

biotic : The arctic fox the snowy owl the arctic wolf

how are we helping/hurting the tundra

hurt: We create gullies when we drive automobiles over them. human-made green house gases melt the ice.

help: The world wildlife fund is actively trying to protect the north arctic. switching to an alternative energy source could cut back on the green house gases in the atmosphere

cool fact

The tundra has long 8 month winters and short 60 day summers