Oxytocin & You!

Found in the posterior pituitary gland

What is Oxytocin?

Oxytocin is of the peptide chemical class and is regulated by the nervous system. It brings on or strengthens labor contractions during childbirth, is used to control bleeding after childbirth, and to induce an abortion. It also regulates milk secretion by the mammary glands, influences behaviors related to maternal care, pair bonding, and... sexual activity!

What would life be like without Oxytocin?

Without Oxytocin, your life would be lonely and loveless. Your babies would be hungry and wouldn't recognize you! To make things worse, your partner would be unsatisfied in matters of the heart and the bedroom. So be sure to appreciate your Oxytocin and your posterior pituitary gland!

Who can you thank for discovering Oxytocin?

British pharmacologist Sir Henry Hallett Dale discovered Oxytocin's uterine contracting properties in 1906, Ott and Scott discovered its milk ejection property in 1910, and by Schafer and Mackenzie in 1911! It was also sequences and synthesized by Vincent du Vigneaud in 1953!

Fun Facts!

Low levels of Oxytocin can contribute to higher rates of autism in children and poor parenting skills

Conversely, high Oxytocin levels will lead to greater empathetic reactions and can reduce stress levels.