Tangerine!!! Read All About It

All You need to know, whenever you need to know it

Whats Been Going On???

  • Lightning Strikes everyday
  • It rains everyday around the mid afternoon
  • Mike Costello dies sadly
  • Paul and his mom freak out because they think their house is on fire
  • Fireman comes over to tell them about muck fires
  • Paul and his mother visit the middle school
  • Paul goes to play soccer with the boys he sees going to the soccer fields
  • Erik is kicking field goals astonishing his coach
  • Paul sees that the school was first in the soccer season
  • Paul doesn't really care about moving but rather stay in Texas

Erik Fisher or Paul Fisher?

Erik has an easier life because he is a star on the football field and has friends off the field. Paul on the other hand doesn't really have any friends yet playing soccer or off the field.

Erik doesn't have a hard time seeing or glasses like Paul. Paul gets picked on by his brother and his friend so it is harder on Paul because no one is there to be beside him.

Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!

Terrible Things, Terrible Things

  1. Paul and his mom were unloading groceries
  2. Erik and Arthur pull up
  3. they get out and tell him and his mom the story
  4. He and his mom stand there not sure what to say or do
  5. Paul's mom then asked about joey and if he knew
  6. Erik then told them about how they had taken Mike to the hospital and pronounced him dead
  7. After me and mom went to finish the groceries mom called dad
  8. Paul was in the kitchen when Paul heard them talking about how good it was that Mike died


The time when Erik and his friend were bullying Paul by making fun of Paul's glasses. Because of this Paul is confused thinking is something wrong with me?

Since Erik is his dad's favorite then Paul wont get much attention from him. Because of this Paul will start to feel depressed if he is spending no time with his dad.

If Erik starts to lie more and seem sad about Mike's death when he is not then he will get more out of line and bad things will start to happen.

REMEMBER JV Football Tryouts

Football tryouts for JV is this Saturday. In order to come you must bring these things;

  • Helmet
  • pads
  • practice jersey
  • cleats
  • football
  • permission slip
  • football pump