Derek Jeter

A leader

HIs Child hood

Derek grew up in Kalamazoo where he started playing baseball when he was young was when he started to practice his skills at a young age and in his last to years oh high school batting .557 with seven homers as a junior, Derek hit .508 (30-for-59) with four home runs, 23 RBIs, 21 walks and only one strikeout in 23 games his senior year. He got on base 63.7 percent of the time and tallied an impressive .831 slugging percentage. Derek collected several awards at season's end, including the Kalamazoo Area B'nai B'rith Award for Scholar Athlete, the 1992 High School Player of the Year by the American Baseball Coaches Association, the 1992 Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year and USA Today's High School Player of the Year. Other people thought highly of jeter.

His elements of leadership

He is a great leader because he is nice and kind to other people he is just a great person and he enjoyed the game of baseball and he always acted nice to evry body and evry thing because he just is a nice guy. during his life he learnd to be good and nice because thats what everybody wanted and thats what lead him to being the captin for the yankess and being the guy we know and care about today. It didn't because he didnt let it he tried to be the best person he could be. I am nice and care about other people like him i dont know how I would use that stuff in my future. His ability to care and behave him self when he was in public and make him self the man he is today. He is a good person and didnt be jerk or make anybody mad he just behaved unlike some players who will make everybody made by saying something they shouldnt of.

Do leaders have to demonstrate all the leadership traits to be effective? Why or why not?

No because they dont need to have all of them just most of them because some peopl cant contain all of them because not all people can.

qualities i need to develop in order to be an effective leader.

I need alot of them to become a leader because i dont have all of them and some people don't have any of them but i have some but i need more just so i can be a good person.
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