Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes

Here are some family friendly things and places to go and do

Outdoor activities

In the gulf coast prairies and marshes some activities could be fishing,going to the beach ,swimming ,and boating some places to do this are Galveston beach ,Corpus Cristi,and Clear Lake.

Historical places

Some historical places to go in the gulf coast prairies and marshes are the battle ship Texas ,and the San Jacinto . Another place to go in Galveston is the great 1900 storm theater on pier 21.

State parks

Some lakes and bodies of water

  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Matagorda bay
  • Galveston bay
  • Clear lake

Sight seeing

Armand bayou nature center is a great place to do sight seeing in the gulf coast prairies and marshes area.
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Historical background

The chenier is connected to the Mississippi River delta . The prairies used to be coverd in tall grass and occasionally enterupted by forest area.