Kallie's Poetry

By: Kallie

The Mall- Couplet

I went to the mall,

when I was very small.

I bought some shoes,

when I stepped they went moo.

The colthes I bought,

were the ones I sought.

The very small mall,

was only a closet in the hall.

Imagery, Similes, Metaphors, and Personification

Popsicles- Imagery

It was a scorching summer day.

My mother just pulled into the drive.

She arrived home from the store.

I unloaded the groceries.

I picked up a bag that was as cold as a winter's day.

It was packeged with 10 brothers and sisters.

I opened the box and ripped open the single package.

The color was bright as the sun.

It started dripping like rain.

I knew it was melting.

I bit into it, and it tasted like strawberries, and it was so fruity.

I was down to the end of it.

It was going to fall, I just knew it.

I moved my hand like I was sewing, to catch it's long fall to the ground.

I had finished my treat.

The stick, tan like, it just came out of the sun.

I put it in the trash.

Then I went for another popscile.


At 6:30 I take a trip to school with my mom.

I stroll into the gym.

I tie my shoes as tight as a string on a bow.

I dribble the ball,

down the court like a race car.

My coach is a brick wall while he plays defence.

I have to dribble around him.

I shoot, then score.

YAY! Tick... It's 8:00.

It's time to leave.

I ride home with my mom.

I jump in the shower.

I go to my bed and drift to sleep.

Mother Earth- Personification

Morning carefully listens to the night,

The stars gazingly look for the sun,

Fire gracefully dances in the wind,

Night slowly teaches me to dream,

Rain frightenly remembers the drought.