Internet Piracy

Does the internet Piracy illegal for all?

Internet Piracy


This works aims is to talk about the internet piracy. I’ll give my point of view and ill clarify some topics.

What is the internet piracy?

How it is used?

In the last years this topic became one of the most worrying issues for the government in all countries because this piracy causes great losses to the governments.

But the main question is “Should piracy be considered a crime?”


What is the internet piracy?

The internet piracy is basically filed sharing of copyrighted material but without payment. In other words it’s the use of a product without payment (theft). It’s an illegal method which is designed to satisfy certain needs.

It is downloading of products (music, books, and movies). Its be able to take advantage of them wherever we want but without giving merit or recognition to the artist.

How it is used?

In the internet we can find a lot of sites that “facilitate” the job. The most common are the movies sites (movies that sometimes are not even in the cinema). In order to have piracy we only need one laptop, iPad or mobile. Them we just need to access to the internet and start to download about everything that we want (movies, music’s, books, software and so on.

Everyone can access easily to the files that they want, but some people can make money with this practice and keep the profit for themselves , without think in the person that make the hardest job. With this copy they can sale with a superior price comparing with the original, but the quality not will be the same, but more poor.

The internet piracy cause a lot of damages, not only for the government, to the employees for certain sector’s too. Every year a lot of people lost their jobs. 71, 060 jobs are lost in the USA every year due to online piracy.

Sometimes the internet piracy is made innocently because some people don’t know that one simple download its illegal. More than 75% of computers have at least 1 download illegal application. The internet piracy has the good and bad side.

The bad side of piracy it’s that someone is stealing the work of someone else, one artist that put all the effort in determinate product in order to make something that he can survive with , and suddenly someone come and basically steal all the product without any permission. The piracy it’s illegal and can be punished with five years of jail or pay high penalties. The piracy doesn’t help with the economic development, instead of this, cause a lot of problems. $12.5 billion it’s the value losses each year due to piracy in the music industry.

The good side it’s that the piracy helps the people that don’t have money to pay for some products like software’s, music, books, etc. For example, the students, most of them just study, don’t work and only depends on their parents so the easy way to get some entertainment its doing download, not only for fun but for help with the studies too. 42 percentages of software’s running in world are illegally downloaded. The software Microsoft office minimum cost its £145 but in the internet we can find for free. ‘Why should I save money to buy it if I can take for free? Ok I m doing something illegal, but I need it to finish my work’.

The USA government create the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act), they are two bills they were designed to design to make it possible for the companies to block the domain names of web sites that are simply capable of, or seem to encourage copyright infringement.

-“Picasso and bullfighting are cultural touchstones in Spain. Now add Internet piracy.

The unauthorized downloading and streaming of movies and television shows from the Web is a growing problem for the entertainment industry around the world. In a few key countries such as Spain, however, it has become an epidemic that is forcing movie studios to consider no longer selling DVDs in the country.

A cavalier attitude toward piracy has made it mainstream behaviour in Spain.

"Almost everybody I know downloads movies," said Mercedes Carrasco, 45, a student from Caceres who downloads about two movies each week.

"I don't think downloading movies for private use harms anybody," said Juan, a 41-year-old engineer from Madrid who declined to provide his last name. He said he downloads five or six movies a month, including recently all six "Star Wars" movies. "It's like exchanging a book with friends."-

Reference: Journal business march 30, 2010 by Ben Fritz

In my point of view this technique can be a good idea because parting for the point that almost everyone in the nowadays doesn’t buy anymore DVD’s because they can see the movies online so has no point of waste money replicate the movies and sell them.

Kevin Spacey gave a rather insightful speech in relation to his role in the popular TV series House of Cards.

-“Give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price, and they’ll more likely pay for it rather than steal it.


…the TV industry could learn the lesson that the music industry didn’t learn”-


In my opinion Kevin is right because people are always looking for easy ways to not spend money. Some people care about the piracy but not all of them. Those concerned with piracy, and the copyright probably can accept pay for the product but for a reasonable prices.

I think that with this method they may have more control about the product and then can get profit.

Should piracy be considered a crime?

Yes, certainly. All kind of thief should be punished. The piracy it’s an unfair act for those that work to produce something that they can make profit, be proud and recognise for. One of the methods that they may use its charge for the download but for prices that we can easily pay.

Since they do this the economy will feel the affect in the good way.

This could be a good point to fight against the piracy and the disrespect to the artists.

In the piracy world has good and bad people, the good people are those ones that download products and keep the file for themselves without any share, they used because they NEED and don’t have how to pay or doesn’t know that what they are doing its illegal, in the other hand we have the bad people that make profit sailing downloaded products, those ones should be severally punished because they are definitely stealing.


To conclude, I think that the internet piracy it’s like an epidemic. They can fight but will not be easy to exterminate, they should punish those that make piracy but they need to concentrate in those that make profit with this practice.

Statistics can say that at least once in our lives we did an illegal download so if it is like that we all need to go to the jail?

People has different opinions about this topic some of them concord, some literally discord. Of course we need to give merit to the artist that had the idea and make work in order the make a good product. But if we don’t try how we will know that the product is good?

Sometimes people can download one track of one CD and them if they like they can buy the CD. At this case I think that the download is not bad at all.

But if we download one track and then download all the CD and sale, yes I think that the person should be punished for the illegal act.

The internet piracy can be fight but with conscious methods.


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