Welcome to Our City!

Our city is a great place to live. Although we are not very large, our small size allows for efficiency and prosperity among all of us. Our urban developers and local government work together to make our hometown the best that it can be. So, come visit our town and see if you want to stay awhile.

Urban Model

Our city is based on the sector model. This way the industry section of the city has easy access to the transportation they need. This transportation is isolated from everyone else and allow for our basic industries to export their products easily to their customers. This brings in more money for the city in the end. Plus every section of the city has some connection to the CBD. This will allow for better access to the services for the people living in the outer suburbs, unlike the concentric zone model. In the concentric zone model, it is much more difficult to access the CBD for the people living in the outermost rings. By using the the sector model, this can be fixed.

New Projects

  • One of the issues our city is facing is the heavy traffic. We don’t have an extensive highway system because our city is so tiny. Because some of the high-class citizens live in the peripheral regions of our city, they need good transportation to get to their jobs in the CBD. In order to make this less of a problem, we are widening our major roads. This allow more cars to be spread apart. It will help with traffic jams during rush hour.

  • Another problem is the rapid suburbanization and urban sprawl occurring in peripheral areas of our city. Because our city is based off of the sector model, each sector expands in wedges. However, this is causing high densities in the outer areas, and decreasing population in the residential units of the inner city. Although, we don’t want everyone to move back to the CBD, we want to keep the residential units filled. In order to do this, we are making them more attractive. We are opening them up, and making them to sustain a quality lifestyle. This will attract people to stay in the inner city and not move out into the suburbs.

Urban Renewal

In the industry sector of the city, there is an area that has many old, dilapidated manufacturing plants that are out of use. In order to bring back function to this area, we are demolishing these factories and building new apartments for the lower-class residents of that area. This will give more housing space for them at low costs and will bring an area of old history a new meaning.