Always be careful on the internet.

Cyber Bullies,

Cyber bulling, its the hardest thing to avoid on the internet. There is so many people out there that cyber bully. Many people kill there selfs because people do this to them, or they hurt their self. Either way its really bad. I have been cyber bullied, i blocked them or report them.

It Happens Everywhere!

People keep their phones on them 24/7. Constantly checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kik, Oovoo, Ect. Some people get cyber bullied, and dont know how to deal with things like this. some cry, cut, or kill their selfs. we need to stop the bulling and keep up compliments. we need to quit making people sad. because you dont know if they have problems at home already bothering them. keep the internet safe ya'll!!!!

Some Pictures And Videos,



How do you get them to quit? well tell a teacher or a friend or parent.

How do i get them to loose my number? change it and give it to only your friends and family. easy just be smart about it