News from the 'View

Skyview Upper Elementary

From Mrs. Gorla

I hope that everyone enjoyed time away from schoolwork these past several days! This is a friendly reminder to all students to log their attendance no later than 12 noon today (and every day!) Student daily attendance directions can be found here.

As we continue on our virtual learning journey, please remember that the Skyview staff and I are here to help. Teacher, counselor and support staff office hours are posted in google classrooms and for reference on the Skyview website. I frequently check my email and am happy to assist in answering questions and offering support via email or return phone call.

I'd like to thank our families for their continued patience as we have all acclimated to this new mode of learning for our community. We will continue to do our best to address your concerns and questions and to work to design ways to engage our student community. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for information on virtual community building activities.

Remember, no matter where we are...#CharacterCountsatSkyview

Be kind, stay safe and be well -

Mrs. Gorla

Attendance Reminders

It is important to have your child submit their daily attendance no later than 12 noon.Students submit attendance for the day through the provided Google Classroom for daily attendance Instructions can be found here.

Turning in assignments via google classroom

Skyview teachers have developed google classrooms and the expectation is that students participate in these learning activities and complete assigned tasks.

This quick screencast (by Skyview Technology Integrator, Ms. Layla Lyons), reviews submitting assignments in google classroom.

Library Resources

Do you need help finding something to READ? Check out the list Mr. Greenover has compiled on on-line resources for reading - click here.

4th marking period and independent reading

Independent reading (IRP) looks different for 4th marking period! We continue to encourage students to read on a daily basis, however will not require students to complete formal assignments related to independent reading.Teachers will be providing optional ways for students to share what they are reading with their teachers.

Lifetouch - Spring Picture Update

Lifetouch was at our school on March 11 for Spring Picture Day. If you are interested in viewing photos from spring picture day, please contact Lifetouch at 1-800-736-4753. A Lifetouch representative will provide families with their access code and portrait id so that they may go online ( to view and purchase portraits.

Nursing Department Office Hours

The Methacton School District Nursing Department will be holding an Office Hour for our parents/guardians through the end of the academic year. The nursing staff is available to answer questions and provide support during this time. Parents/guardians are encouraged to send an email to their school’s nurse at any time and the nurse will respond during her dedicated office hour time.

Also, parents have received or will be receiving emails or mailings from the nurses related to immunizations, physical examinations, and dental examinations that will be needed. Please know that the nurses are aware that these may not be able to be completed at this time.

Please stay safe and healthy!

The nursing staff will be available Monday-Friday from 9:00am – 10:00am through email. The email address of our building nurse is listed below:

SKYVIEW UPPER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Mrs. Valerie Lozinak Mrs. Kim McDonald (Please use both emails in your correspondence)