The Tele-Tale Heart

By: Edgar Allan Poe


The Tele- Tale Heart is about a old man with a pale blue eye. The other man has a problem with the old man. He does not like his pale blue eye because it follows him."The eye of a vulture" he called it. So he snuck into the old mans house to murder him just because of his evil eye and hid him underneath the floor boards.Later the police came searched for the man and could not find him and later the man had confessed that he was underneath the floor boards and was sent to jail!


I think the man would stay in jail for awhile and be stuck in there intill he is set free.The man should not be allowed to get out of jail for a while because he had murdered an old man and kept his crime a secret and then he had confessed.


The man had murdered the old man because of his pale, blue, glass eye.He had hid him underneath the floor boards and did not confess till the very last minute the cops were there t the old man`s house.


The old man is the good guy and the man is the bad guy working against him.


Don`t be the bad guy and always do the right thing.