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This month we share important information about ways to back up your computer files before leaving for Summer Break. We also share information about many free, online courses available from Microsoft E-Learning for EM-S ISD employees and how you can earn credit for them!
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Back up those files!

Summer's almost here and I'm sure you're already dreaming of the fun things you'll be doing. One thing that many people dread during this time of year is having their computers re-imaged. However stressful as this may be, it's a necessary process because it gets the computers in their best working order and ready to go when we return in August.

When the computer is re-imaged, all personal files (documents, pictures, music, video, etc.) will be deleted. Each employee is responsible for backing up their own files before leaving for Summer Break. Flash drives, CDs, or removable hard drives are all good options, but you must know where those devices are when you return in August to be able to use them. This year, we are recommending that employees back up most* of their files to their SkyDrive. The SkyDrive is free, cloud storage, provided by Microsoft. EM-S ISD employees get 25 gb of storage (that's much more than you can get on the average flash drive!) and those files will be accessible from home, school, or anywhere. There are even apps available for many smart phones and tablet devices.

Your Campus Technology Integrator (CTI) will share more information about SkyDrive soon.

*Because SkyDrive is cloud-based storage and not hosted on EM-S ISD servers, please do not upload files related to SpEd, Discipline issues, or confidential student data/information.

Back-up Options

More SkyDrive Information

Do you like step-by-step instructions with screenshots? Then this document is for you!

If you'd rather watch a video, check out this Microsoft webinar (14 minutes). It gives a general overview of SkyDrive and how it can work for you.

Looking for more help? 7 Tutorials and GCF LearnFree offer many free, top-quality, interactive tutorials.

If you're looking for ways to share files with a group of people, you can create Groups in SkyDrive. Each group has 5 gb to store documents, images, videos, or any other type of file.

Learn how to create a group in SkyDrive here (7:33 video).

Online Learning with Microsoft E-Learning!

Online Microsoft Courses are now available for EM-S ISD employees! Microsoft E-Learning allows you to improve software skills with self-paced, interactive, and engaging online training available anytime, anywhere.

Sign up through Eduphoria: Workshop (search eCourses) and follow the directions to complete the coursework on the Microsoft E-Learning Site. Follow the directions in Eduphoria to submit your certificate for credit, and it can all be tracked in your Eduphoria portfolio. (See the simple steps below.)

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