1B Update #11

April 8, 2016

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A special face collage project with Lyla's dad.

What's happening in 1B!

Our next Townhall Meeting is around the corner! We will be flying to Lagos, Nigeria, the largest city on the continent of Africa. Ways to connect this to home are:

  • Visit a Nigerian restaurant.

  • Check out this video about board games in Nigeria.

  • Compare Lagos to NYC through this video (an activity we did in class).

  • Complete more math problems! We still need math fuel to get to Lagos!

Check out the "Notes" section below for some important updates and the "Math Olympics" section for what is happening next Friday.


This term we will be exploring genres! We are starting off with Fairy Tales and will be identifying the features of Fairy Tales that make them unique. If you have any Fairy Tales at home, you can use the following questions to discuss the book as you read or after. (The parentheses have some references for parents.)

  • Who are the main characters?

    • (Typically, princesses, princes, queens, kings, animals that act like people, and two categories of characters: good and evil.)

  • Where is the setting of the story?

    • (Typically in castles or in the forest.)

  • How is the main character treated?

    • (The main character is usually kind and is mistreated by a villain.)

  • How did the story start? How did it end?

    • (The story usually starts with: “Once upon a time...” or “A long, long time ago…” and ends with: “...and they lived happily ever after.”)


Our inquiry unit will explore how celebrations are expressions of shared beliefs and values. We will look at a variety of national and international celebrations to identify symbols of celebrations, traditions found in celebrations, and why people celebrate and what the celebration means to them. We would appreciate if you could fill out this First Grade Family Celebrations survey to help us make connections to our students’ home lives.


This term, math has gotten more exciting for our first graders. We started to work with numbers in the hundreds. Which was great since we added the hundreds column while working with a place value chart. In class we used a place value chart to find out the value of each digit in a number. This gave us a clear understanding of knowing how many hundreds, tens and ones are in a number. This will be helpful for when we start working on strategies to complete addition problems to 100. During term 3 we will also explore money and their values. During Number Stories we have introduced Partitive Division and adding Multiples. Partitive Division is when the number of groups are known, and you are trying to figure out the number in each group. The Number Story packet we gave out during Parent Teacher Conferences have these same problem types we are introducing. We encourage you to work with your child 10 minutes a night going over one problem from the number story packet.

Math Olympics

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We are looking for several excellent Airport Security Guards (including Baggage Inspectors) for the morning shift on Friday, April 15th: 8:00-8:40am

Contact awalsh@brooklynprospect.org or irosado@brooklynprospect.org

Our Lagos Photo Booth will be available to students during the day. (2-3 adults depending on availability: 2 hrs - 3 hrs). The booth will not be open during Town Hall Meeting from 12 - 1 PM. Contact rsiby@brooklynprospect.org

Want to join the Welcome Lagos Install Team? Thursday, April 14 afternoon from 4 - 6.

Contact awalsh@brooklynprospect.org or irosado@brooklynprospect.org

Want to help your students class with their unique classroom Lagos Celebration?

Could be food, soccer, batik, drumming, etc. Contact DTes1B@brooklynprospect.org

ODABO! And many thanks! See you in Nigeria!


Inventory Running Low!

We are running low on supplies that help keep our students and classrooms clean so we are reaching out to you for some support! We are currently accepting donations of Hand Sanitizer, Paper Towels, Tissues, Baby Wipes, Wet Wipes, Clorox and/or Lysol Wipes... we need them all! Great times to bring in supply donations are during morning drop off and dismissal. All contributions, large or small, are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Musical Matters

Inspired by their studies of Changes of Matter in Term 2, Musicians in 1B wrapped up their exploration of the major families of the Western Orchestra by transforming recyclable materials into their own instruments. They learned about students in Paraguay who are doing something very similar as seen in The Landfill Harmonic.


BPCS hosted our first in-school dance performance! Modern dance company, Jennifer Muller/The Works presented excerpts of their repertory and students LOVED it! First graders shined through, dancing and clapping along and asking very thoughtful question about the mood and meaning of the choreography. Please see an excerpt here.

Lets eat in ESPAÑOL!

1B loves to celebrate food en Español! We get to create our own Menú de Restaurante (some food are too expensive in our pretend restaurant). We enjoy pretending to play server and clients. Some clients LOVE to pretend food is super picante and love to demand agua!!!! We work using Total Physical Response to learn our new vocabulary words: plato, vaso, tenedor, cuchillo, cuchara. Please continue to practice Spanish at home and play Menú de Restaurante - its so much fun!!!

Muchas gracias,

Ms. Rosado