Semana 6, Día 4, U6

¡La comida de España!

Atención!! If you are reading this Daily Announcement let me know by texting to Sra. Kilburn at 919-617-6399 the name of the last movie you watched!

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Lauren for using strategies I´ve offered and GREATLY improving his Hablar peformance! Way to let the teacher help. That´s what I´m here for folks!

Unidad 6 - At the end of this Unit

  • I can talk about fruits and vegetables bought at a market.
  • I can describe various cultural food products and dishes.
  • I can describe food flavors and packaging.
  • I can describe healthy habits.
  • I can tell people how to cook various foods, using the imperative verb form.

Lección: So in this unit, while learning about food, we get to learn how to give commands. We have rules for formal commands, informal commands and negative commands. Here we go with Powtoons! Kudos to creator Brenda Carillo.

Formal and Informal Commands

If you need help, please contact the Peer Tutoring Center. Students helping Students.

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