The Month of Remembrance

Facts About The Month

November's birthstone is the topaz which symbolizes friendship and the citrine. Its birth flower is the chrysanthemum. November born people are clever, dynamic and courageous. They are sharp thinkers and always have unique ideas. They are often patient, determines and true fighters in life. They are good at digging out secrets from others, but are themselves pretty secretive.

Mid-Term Reports Are Out!

Mudkip's Thoughts:

Definitely not happy with my English marks! I got a Level 2! Sort of expected it though... Other marks are okay... but could have done better (if there were no presentations). Best mark is Chemistry (as expected), so my plan is: to do very good in Chem and do fairly for other subjects, then my average mark would be not bad. Marks, most of the time, don't represent your level of smartness. I'm sure you agree with this too Treecko. Panicking during a test and making careless mistakes during quizzes can really pull down your average marks. I hope that I could improve on my English. I don't actually think Mrs. Schiffer is as bad as everyone says. Not much difference from Mr. Beiman anyways. She marks stricter only by a tiny bit.


It's Snowing!


영원한 눈


Don't you like typing in other languages? All of them means "Eternal Snow" by the way. Just saying that it had been snowing since last night till like four in the afternoon (could be longer, I am not too sure...) My jacket and bag were wet, but at least not drenched.

Treecko's Thoughts

Worst Day of my Life!

Math Test: Bye bye!

Physics Lab Reports: Bye!

English Essay: Bye bye bye!

English Film Project

Finally finished! How tiring was it? Lost half my weekend because of it...