Peek at the Week


The end is in sight!



6/8 Fifth Grade Dance, 6-8pm

6/10, 10am Fifth Grade Graduation

6/10, End of Year and Retirement Celebration

6/11, 10am Kindergarten Graduation

Save the Date, ILT Retreat: June 17 & 18

Afterschool Program Kudos

Thanks to Ms. Pandeka, Ms. Tasha, Mr. Jason, Ms. Jasmine, Ms. Christina, and Ms. Sadiqa for the beautiful end of year celebration and graduation at the Learning Spot on Friday evening. We are so lucky to have such strong staff as part of our after school programs at both Learning Spot and AT. Thank you for making us a stronger community through your leadership and hard work!

OEA Appreciations!

I want to thank all of the OEA members for your professionalism and hard work during contract negotiations! A new contract is a win for all of us. Special appreciation to Jennifer Brouhard and Bart Alexander for their thoughtful leadership and ongoing communication with families, administration, and staff throughout the last several months.


Thanks to Ms. Plambeck for helping with our Pride Celebration last week and thanks to all of you who hosted guests in your rooms. I loved hearing all the interesting conversations that emerged about families in your classrooms.

Orchestra Amazingness

Mrs. McCarthy and her talented troop of 4/5 grades wowed the crowd on Thursday evening. Always breathtaking to see our kids perform!

Teaching & Learning

Staff Meeting- Monday

1:40 in Room 10.

- Technology Survey

- End of Year Check list

-Literacy Celebration!

-Summer Training

-BAL Survey (if you already did it, then you will be able to leave early!- see link below!)

Guided Reading Books- Due back to the GRILL by 6/10

Please return all Guided Reading Ziploc book sets by Wednesday, June 10.

The set of Fiction books have already been inventoried, so when returning any Fiction book sets to the GRiLL, please leave them in the specially marked tub so that we can check them in against our master list; we will then place them in the appropriate tub. Any NonFiction book sets can be put back in their original tubs. Please remember to mark the date on your check out sheet that you checked the books in.

Summer PD- Strongly Encouraged for All to Attend!

Did you sign up yet????

Also, please note that the Guided Reading Training dates will now be:

June 23,24, 25

August 11,12,13

If you have not done BAL 101 or Guided Reading, you are STRONGLY encouraged to take advantage of these summer paid trainings. BAL 201 is also available!

BAL Survey

Please fill this out! If you have not done it by tomorrow, you will be asked to do it at the end of the staff meeting!

F & P Assessments - Celebrate (and Get Your Data in!)

For the grade levels with all their data in, we have some amazing data:

88% of Kindergarteners and 88% of Second Graders are on grade level for reading

Many students are making over two years growth in one year (going up 10 levels in second grade!)

Thanks to the following teachers who turned in their F&P on their bubble sheets AND into the google spreadsheet on time!

Granda, Collins, Havenar, Alexander, Plambeck, Witte, Sullivan, Miller, Wong

Please enter your data into the spreadsheet by the end of the day tomorrow

Ross, Lemon, Anderson, Smith, Brouhard/Litt/Wolfe

Please get your bubble sheet to Linda:

Jacobsen, Brouhard/LItt/Wolfe

Operations & Logistics

End of Year Check List

I will pass this out at our meeting this week. Please turn it in before you leave on 6/12.

Yard Duty

If you are missing yard duty this week due to events, parties, etc. Please switch with somebody to make sure the yard is covered.