8th grade STAAR Hands-On Review

April 2016

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What is the goal of this review?

To provide a hands-on, engaging method to review key content in 8th grade U.S. History prior to STAAR testing

We have long understood that students don’t all learn the same. Once we grasp the understanding that they also don’t demonstrate their learning in the same way, we will open doors for them.

Advance Prep

•Plan to re-group students

•Cut folders

•Cut and sort paper

–All paper pieces are either half or quarter sheets or the scraps left from cutting them

•Bag materials by “page” of folder

•Acquire scissors, glue sticks, and brads

Geography - Layered Map Folder

Start with a blank map

Have students add sections to the map as the country moves westward.

By having them draw in the colonies, instead of just coloring and labeling them, it will help them better remember where they are located.

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Layered Map Review Folder

Click on the Google link or scan the QR code to see what the folder will look like as it is layered.
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Folder Review

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Putting Folders Together

Either put several folders (however many you are going to use) inside each other and use a very large rubber band to hold them together (I suggest putting duct tape over the outside of the folder and rubber band so that it doesn't pop), or use the bound journal method to bind them together. If you use this method, I suggest doing them ahead of time - or have a student helper or aide or willing parent do them. It would save some time in class.

Once you get your folders put together, put duct tape on the outside to prevent tearing.

Cut off all the tabs - all the way across - from all the folders and then cut each tab in half and glue onto the folder. This way you will be able to have more tabs.


I used the first folder for Colonization with several folded graphic organizers for the kids to use as a review.


American Revolution

Constitution Review

Try a layered folded graphic organizer!

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New Republic Review

Westward Expansion and Industrialization

Let your students play Battle!

Play Battle! with the cards at your table. Deal out the cards evenly to everyone at your table. Place them in a stack face down in front of you. Each person picks up the top card and turns it over in the center of the table. The group has to decide which person is more important or had more impact on history and why. The winner gets those people. Play until all people have been used. The one with the most people is the game winner.
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Don't Forget the Art!

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Colonization in 60 seconds