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Argentina was liberated from Spain on July 9, 1816 by the famed, José de San Martin. There are many tributes to him all over the country including statues and paintings of him in museums.

Official Language: Spanish


Argentina is located in southern South America, between Uruguay and Chile. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and has the approximate geographic coordinates of 34 00 S and 64 00 W. It has the Andes mountains along the Western side of the country, the Pampa plains along the Eastern side, and the plateau of Patagonia in the Southern side.

Politics and Diplomacy

President Christina Fernandez de Kirchnen leads Argentina and it's republican government. The country is on very good terms with other countries and is part of many international organization including the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

Currency: Peso

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Economics and Trade

Argentina's economic system is socialism. They import machinery, motor vehicles, petroleum natural gas, organic chemicals, and plastics to Brazil, Germany, U.S, and China. They export soybeans, derivatives, gas, petroleum, corn, wheat, and vehicles to Brazil, China, Chile, and U.S.

Tourist Attractions

During the cold winter months, Argentina has beautiful warm weather. And during the hotter months, it is cool and breezy. They also have very entertaining things to do such as...