March Newsletter

Bright Ideas 2018

February Pictures

Take a little while to view the pictures of our activities from this past month. Invite your child to view them with you. There is a slideshow setting!

KMSD School Board Election


(or by absentee ballot)

Be sure to cast your vote for your representatives on the KMSD School Board. This election is during spring break so please take the time to vote by absentee ballot.

Bright Ideas is in support of the three incumbents: Traci Fronk, Jim Romanowski, & Kathy Kapsy.

These current Board Members share similar philosophies. They understand their role is to ensure KM continues to be a district of choice and to use our community's resources wisely. Please like Traci & Jim on Facebook to learn more about their campaign.

Traci Fronk: Always Thinking of the Future

Jim Serves KM

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Spring Break Registration

Spring break starts at the end of the month. Be sure to reserve your spot at Bright Ideas now! The link is toward the bottom of the link.

Tell your friends to register for Fall 2018 Pre-K now. It will be held at our Sunset location. Call Traci for more information.