Rise of the Hero

Free your land from a Dark Lord

Rise of the Hero Game

A young warrior is on a quest to free his land from a evil dark overlord. He believes he is ready to begin his journey. Can he make it to the dark lords lair and become the hero the land needs? He begins his journey unaware that the Dark Lord watches him from a magic viewing portal and sends his minions to stop him.

Level 1: Our Hero begins his journey, however the minions of the Dark Lord are on their quest to stop him. Our hero successfully passes these minions by dodging their attacks. He continues his quest for peace.

Level 2: The hero continues on his quest to reach the evil Dark Lord and free the land and people from his clutches. The Dark Lord sends more minions to stop him. However, the hero continues to avoid these minions, which upsets the Dark Lord. The hero continues on his way, but soon realizes he needs a weapon to fight back.

Level 3: Our hero has found a weapon left by one of the Dark Lord's guards. Now he can go on the offensive. The Dark Lord sends more minions along with commanders to stop him. They are no match for the hero. Our hero moves onward, but greater danger awaits him.

Level 4: The hero has now arrived at the Dark Lord's castle. Alas, all that stands between him and peace, is an army. The Dark Lord sends his army of minions and commanders and sets up his turrets to finish off the hero. The hero successfully defeated them all and continues to the Dark Lord's lair.

Level 5: Our hero has reach the lair of the Dark lord, now our hero faces the Dark Lord. Can he be defeated or will the Dark Lord rule the world? It is done. The Dark Lord is beaten and peace returns, our hero makes his journey back home.