Library Page Training Tips!

for the coolest library pages in the school!

Opening and Closing

Welcome to the library team!

We're so excited to have you on board! If you ever have questions, feel free to ask one of the friendly librarians (Ms. Donohue, Ms. Davidov, Ms. Herring, or Ms. Schon) to help you out! Don't be afraid to ask for help or even for reminders on how to do things, even if you've done it a dozen or more times!

Helen Temple Cooke Library

Ms. Donohue - Library Director - 781.489.1386

Ms. Davidov - Upper School Librarian - 781.489.1387

Ms. Herring - Middle School Librarian - 781.489.1388

Ms. Schon - Library Assistant - 781.489.1385

Contacting the Library

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS copy on your emails for something important - whether you're late for a shift, you're out sick, or there's a flood in the library.

For medical emergencies of an urgent nature, call 911, then campus safety, then contact the library staff.

For other pressing issues, call campus safety, then call (in this order):

Ms. Donohue, Ms. Davidov, Ms. Herring, Ms. Schon


1. Turn on all lights (by the front entrance and by the workroom).

2. Log in the Information Desk and Research Desk computers.

3. Collect the newspapers and books/DVDs in the book drops.

4. Put out the newspapers on the top of the counter by the classroom, and file the older ones in the shelf above in the appropriate places; make sure there are no more than 7 old issues (recycle the oldest).

5. Tap the screen or use the power button to turn on/warm up the photocopier.

6. Log into Circulation


1. 20 minutes before closing, walk around the entire facility and give a warning.

2. 10 minutes before closing, give a second warning to the entire facility (you can yell this one).

3. Pick up books, DVDs, magazines, loose papers, trash (including food), and pens from tables, carrels, and chairs. If there is time, put these items where they belong. If not, leave them on the Information Desk. Push in the chairs at all of the carrels and group together the wheely chairs.

4. Raise shades on windows to 1/3 lowered (to the top of the larger window).

5. Wipe the classroom smartpaint clean using the cleaning rag, and align the chairs in the classroom into two rows. Also wipe any rolling whiteboards around library

6. Turn off the lights in the classroom, the four group study rooms, the bathrooms, and the study carrels.

7. Check to make sure the fireplace is off. If it isn’t, you can turn it off using the wall switch (located to the right of the fireplace under the bottom display shelf).

8. Log off (but don’t shut down) the Information Desk and Research Desk computers.

9. Check that the laminator in the Media Production Room is turned off. Turn off lights and lock the door.

10. Turn off lights in the workroom and close all the doors (they should already be locked) leading into the workroom and the library director’s office.

11. Lock the entrance doors using the key located in the top left drawer of the Information Desk.

12. Turn off all the lights (by the entrance and by the workroom)

13. Make sure that the doors latch when you leave. If a door doesn’t latch, push in the crash bar from the inside and try again. Test to make sure the doors are locked.

14. IF a page is scheduled to open the next day (Friday nights, and Saturday nights on 3-day weekends), return the key to the security office in the Shipley Center.

Processing Items

Processing Magazines

  1. Get the magazine check-in binder from the table near Ms. Schon's desk.
  2. Write the date it came in, the issue of the magazine, and the last magazine that was checked in. If there's a missing issue or a big gap in issues, please notify Ms. Schon.
  3. Shelve the magazines in the magazine shelving area and place the last magazine underneath.
  4. If the stack of magazines is growing to tall underneath, archive the stack.

Processing Books and DVDs

Step 1 - Ms. Donohue and Ms. Davidov will take the books for classification, cataloging, and barcodes.
Step 2 - Due Date Stickers and Magnetic Strips
  1. Put in a due date sticker below the barcode
  2. Put a magnetic strip inside the middle of the book,
  3. Place the book on the "spine labels" shelf.
Step 3 - Spine Labels
  1. Once there are a significant number of books ready for spine labels, put the books on a cart.
  2. Type the spine labels using the template in the "processing" folder on the shared library drive on the computer.
  3. The spine label can be found on the blue sticky tab on the inside page of the book. Be sure to place the books back on the cart in the order you type them to make it easy to put the labels on the spine once you print.
  4. Once the labels are all typed, print the labels out
  5. Affix them to the bottom of the covers on the spine, then cover the labels with clear label tape.
  6. Place books with book jackets on the covering shelf, and DVDs and books that do not need to be covered on the appropriate "notify" or "REAC" shelf behind Ms. Herring's desk.
Step 4 - Covering books
  1. Retrieve books from the covering shelf and select an appropriately sized cover (and the right material) for the book.
  2. Cover the book (refer to the videos if necessary, or ask for help)
  3. Place finished books on the "notify" or "REAC" shelf behind Ms. Herring's desk
Ms Gray Covers a Paperback
Ms. Gray Covers a Hardcover Book

Circulation Software

Checking Out Items

If you need to check something out to someone, just type their last name into the top right field (usually under "SMART"). You can search under a partial last name (like SC for Schon) and then make your selection of their name by clicking on the right person from there.

You then check out items by scanning the item into the middle yellow search field, or by typing in the name of the item (like "Headphones" and selecting the item).

*Remember - you cannot check out anything with an on/off switch like cameras (or their memory cards this year), laptops, kindles, or ipads.*

Renewing Items

Select the item (click the check box next to it), and at the bottom of the column, press the black button that says “renew selected.”

Transfers - Display, Reac, etc.

If you need to take a display/reac item off display/reac to check it out:

  1. Go to the second tab at the top that says “Staff Services” and then hit the 4th green button in the column on the left that says “Item Transfers.”
  2. Select “Return to Home Location/Collection”.
  3. Scan the item.
  4. It should now say “New Collection - (Fiction, NF, etc)” instead of DHDISP (or whatever the previous collection was).
  5. Go back to the Borrower Services tab and check out the item as normal if someone wants to borrow the item

Checking In Items

If you need to check something in, you'll need to select the green CHECK IN button at the bottom of the left hand column. You can then just scan as normal. If it doesn't scan properly, delete the partial barcode and try again. Don’t forget to sensitize and reshelve.


If you need to search for something in the collection, to see if we have it: use It’s the easiest right now, and Ms. Schon will show you how to search using the TLC software at training or individually at a later point. You can play around on TLC and search under “Staff Services - Titles and Items” if you’re feeling adventurous.