TV's and VCR's at PCMS

By: Beau Delebreau, Aleyna Menger and Katie Brockman

Why the TV's and VCR"s are so bad at PCMS

To begin, the TV's and VCR's are energy vampires. Vampire energy is appliances like TV's and VCR's. Vampire energy wastes energy and money. 1 TV wastes around $6.94 a year and one VCR waste $3.25 a year when plugged in 24/7. Together the TV's and VCR's cost $10.19. Just imagine all 43 TV's and VCR's cost $577.92 every year. LOOK at how much money we are wasting!!

How could we fix this problem

One way is to have the kids unplug the TV's and VCR's. We will make a sign about energy vampires and put it on every TV in every classroom.

Another way is, removing the TV's and VCR's and bring then to a recycling company.