Philip II of Spain

5/21/1527 - 9/13/1598

A leader of men

Philip II lead the Spanish armada. He organized an army big enough to take over England. He walked through all of South America without opposition. He conquered most of the Americas while greatly outnumbered.

A Country of Catholocism

Philip II was a catholic and ran a largely catholic country. He tried to convert people all over the world to Catholicism. Those who did not comply, were executed.

Three of his biggest accomplishments

His policies

Spanish Armada

Philip II organized an armada large enough to invade England. The invasion failed, but the ability to build up such a large military is impressive nonetheless.

Spanish Inquisition

Philip II supported and enacted the Spanish Inquisition. He was very catholic and this showed that. The Spanish Inquisition traveled around the globe and converted people to Catholicism Those who didn't convert were punished. Many were burned or beheaded. Some were choked to death.