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Texas State Literacy Plan

Happy Monday CBLT's,

Hopefully, each of you had a wonderful Easter week-end. Please see grant and/or course updates in this flyer. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to let me know.

  • Our Early Childhood & Development Center has paired with the Creative World Learning Center as one big Campus Based Leadership Team. Currently, they are working on their Pre-Literacy Development Plan, which is similar to the K-12 Data-Informed Plans (DIPS). New members to this team include: Mitchell & Sherry Johnson, Deborah Hiebert, Theresa Eckert, Josipa Cosic, Tonda Brown, Muya Hayes, & Stacy Signaigo. Be sure to say hi to them on Edmodo.
  • CBLT's should be forwarding their minutes each week. If you haven't already done this, please forward them to
  • By now, each person who successfully completed the tests & quizzes for the Leadership Module, has already received their completion certificate. If you did not receive a certificate, this means that you did not complete one or more of the tests & quizzes for that module.
  • For the current LASERS (Standards Based Instruction), all members of the CBLT are responsible for taking tests & quizzes independently. This is the only way that you will receive any additional credit hours for taking the course. I would suggest that at the end of the course, that you take a screen shot indicating completion of all quizzes. You can place each team member's screenshot in your SBI Binder.
  • The Reading Interventionists at Blake Manor Elementary hosted a Family Literacy Night for all the parents of their Tier III students. It was a huge success. They served pizza and cake to the families, and even had a room set up with literacy games for all of the kids. See pictures below from their event.
  • Our next Grant Implementation Team (GIT) meeting for all CBLT members, will be held on May 30th. Within the next week, you will receive an invite with the specific time and location of this meeting. We are required by the grant to have 3 GIT meetings per year. This meeting will be our 3rd one for this school year.
  • Mark your calendars for the TLI Summer Institute. It will be held July 24th - 26th in San Antonio, TX. So far, we have already registered each CBLT member in Eduphoria so that you get credit for attendance at this event. More details about the institute and any next steps for you, will come as we receive them from our state representative.
  • Please remember that in order to receive the $1000 stipend, you will need to complete all requirements outlined in the Comittment Agreement. A copy of the Committment Agreement can be found on Edmodo.
  • If you have any campus events you would like for us to share with all of the CBLT's, forward it to Felicia on Fridays. We would love to highlight the great things that your campus is doing to promote literacy.


The ePromotora program is coming to an end for the 2012-13 school year. All seven elementary schools were served this school year. The Family Literacy department would like to extend a huge "thanks" to all of the campuses for allowing ePromotora participants to use campus space in six week blocks. We look forward to inviting the group back with the original and new curriculum for returning and new parents!

Embedded Professional Development Kudos!

Great job to Lynette Smith at Manor Middle School and Pam Gray & Erin Hugghins at Manor High School! Both schools had the embedded literacy trainings on last week, with some teachers signing up to try out the different strategies in their classrooms. We look forward to visiting these classrooms this week to see literacy strategies in the content-areas!

Library and Literacy Summit: Knocking Out Illiteracy

On March 25th, Region 13 hosted a Library & Literacy Summit for all interested media speialists and ELA teachers in the Austin area. The keynote speaker was David Rice, author of a collection of short stories called Crazy Loco, which was published in April 2001. Other interesting session topics were, Adventures in Podcasting, Building Academic Vocabulary for ALL Content Areas, Fun with Figure 19, DIY eBooks, etc. Manor ISD participants who helped "Knock Out Illiteracy" included: Alex Carrillo, Laurie Fay, Muya Hayes, Michael Harper, Erin Hugghins, Derralee Johnson, Zabrina Kelly, Melissa Payne, Rachel Petit, Lynette Smith, Colleen Stearns, and Felicia Turner. All in all, the summit was very informative and engaging. Next year's event will take place in August. Be sure to make plans to attend. You won't regret it!

BME Rocks Family Literacy Night!