1st Grade at Bear Creek Elementary

Week 28: April 19-22, 2021

Happy Monday!

Announcements for Thursday, April 22nd:

  • First Grade will be conducting their second Math MAP assessment at 8:55am during our Math block. Please be sure students get a good night's rest and consume a healthy breakfast. Parents of our virtual learners, please be accessible to your kiddo in case they need help with logging in. Ms. Pitts or their teacher, will be on Zoom to give you the needed password for entry. Once logged in, your student may leave the Zoom meeting and we will see them for 10:00am ELAR.

During Reading and Big Ideas, we will be celebrating Earth Day with various activities!

As a grade level if possible, we ask for the following items to be donated for a fun STEAM project we will be doing.

  • Empty paper towel/toilet paper rolls (the more the merrier!)
  • Jars of SunButter
  • Bags of bird seed
  • Spools of jute twine

Our learning goals for the week:


- I can represent a number in various ways.
- I can apply strategies to solve subtraction facts.
- I can use place value when comparing numbers.


- I can read and write contractions with ’ve, ’re; and words with suffixes -er, -est.
- I can spell contractions with contractions with ‘m, ‘s, n’t, ‘ll
- I can segment and count syllables.
- I can read and write high frequency words: begin, brother, front, picture, room, someone, sometimes, young

Big Ideas:

- I can use vocabulary connected to arctic habitats.
- I can describe food chains.
- I can explain how energy transfers through food chains.

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

We're always happy to help. :)

Cub Hugs,

- The First Grade Team

Miss Barbosa: monica.barbosa@austinisd.org

Mrs. Preston: karen.preston@austinisd.org

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