Techie Tuesday


Welcome to the newest edition of Techie Tuesday- your personal connection to resources and news about technology that affects you!

Bites and Bytes is Back!

The Learning Commons and Technology Committee are pleased to announce that Bites and Bytes is back on a quarterly basis. What this means is that the extremely popular mini technology session will again be offered with lunch for those who choose to participate.

How does it work? It's easy! You just follow this link to sign up to attend during your lunch period and choose what menu item you prefer. This quarter's session features Sue and Michelle sharing some wonderful resources from the St. Charles County Library that are available for you to use in your classes. We will show you how you can access these resources even if you don't have a St. Charles library card and will share how you can get your own card even if you don't live in St. Charles county.

Single Sign-On

This is a REALLY big deal! Single Sign-On lets you use the same password for your District login, Google Drive/Gmail/Classroom, and OneDrive/Outlook/Microsoft 360.

Unfortunately, it doesn't take effect until you change your network password. But this is really quick and easy to do--just follow this link for directions to simplify your login passwords for yourself and all you students! It only takes a minute, and is well worth it!

Below is a video explaining how to change your password. Please watch it and share with your students.

How to change your FHSD district password in less than 3 minutes

Gmail is Here!

Now you and your students have Gmail!

Your Gmail address is the same as your Google Drive login. In fact, this login will get you into all of your district Google programs! And the BONUS is if you follow the directions for the Single Sign-On above you can use the same password as you just created!
First initial + Middle Initial + last name

Gmail address is also the same as their Google Drive login. This login will also get students into all of their district Google programs.
First Initial + Last Name + Last 3 digits of student number