Canada in the Future

What Will it be Like in 2050 By:Tharanya

Canada the Country

Canada is a beautiful place to visit with the Rockies, the Great Lakes, forests, its multilingual and very diverse but, there is a difference between living in Canada and visiting Canada as a tourist. Although Canada is a big country the population isn't so big. Canada has to live up to its expectations of being a large country. The people who are already in Canada have to think about what will happen to Canada if they aren't replacing the population, they need to think about their roles in the country.

Immigration In Canada

Immigration plays a major part in Canada's population growth.The immigrants in Canada represent 20.6% of Canada's population. Canada as a country are dependant on its immigrants. About 250 000 immigrants come to Canada each year, that makes 1 000 000 in 4 years. At the moment the places most immigrants come from are China and South Asia. This has something probably to do with the push factors of the country they are coming from and the pull factors Canada has as a country. For Canada's immigration system, well, they accept 3 types of immigrants:

  1. Economic Immigrants
  2. Family Immigrants
  3. Refugee Immigrants

Push Factors

  1. War: the country the immigrant(s) is from may have a violence issue. War may have started and they are trying to flee to a safer place.
  2. Religious Persecution: the country they are from may discriminate certain types of religious acts, language and or clothing they wear etc.
  3. Poor Economy: the governenment of the country does not support the population, the state the country is in is poor looking.
  4. Education: the education in the country may not be good enough to get a job that will support the family or the immigrant wishes to get a good education. The cost for education may be to high for the immigrant to afford.
  5. Poverty: the needs the country needs may not be met. The country may not e cleanse due to not being able to support the population.
  6. Health Care: the health care in the country may not be so great or the health care there is too expensive for the citizens there.
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Pull Factors

  1. Climate: the climate in Canada varies. In some places there is only one climate which bores people. Immigrants may want to experience all 4 seasons which Canada has.
  2. Better Job Opportunities: the job availabilities in Canada are endless. The jobs here in Canada also pay well. There are also jobs in Canada that are in high level such as doctor, lawyer, engineer etc.
  3. Join Family: immigrants in Canada have a choice to join their family and reconnect with them. Canada lets you do that which allows you to have a chance to spend time with family.
  4. Improved Living Conditions: some other countries have poor living conditions, meaning, that the area they live in may not be sanitary or the house they live in may not be stable but, Canada isn't like that. Canada is a very clean place and the houses that are built are very stable.
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3 Types Of Immigrants

There are 3 types of immigrants Canada accepts:

  1. Economic Immigrants: The economic group of immigrants include skilled workers and business immigrants. If one member or the family qualifies then all family members qualify. Business Immigrants: This is another type of the economic group of immigrants. For this group you need money and you would need to be able to make business.
  2. Family Immigrants: This is a group of family immigrants that have a family member(s) who can support you in Canada
  3. Refugee Immigrants: This is the third group of immigrants called the refugee immigrants. This group of immigrants fear cruel or inhumane acts in their home country so they come fleeing to Canada.

Demographics And Population Pyramid

The population in Canada isn't so great compared to other places in the world. We as a country are inclining in our developing stages but the population is slowly declining. This could cause many issues with the country like not enough people to support the labour industry, jobs not being filled. The reasons for the decline are that people are now focusing on their careers, birth control pills, and women learning about their rights. When taking a look at the population pyramids of the past and the present population pyramid there are big differences in them.

First Nations, Stereotypes, Discriminated

The First Nation people of Canada have been put to aside by Canadians. Canadians have applied stereotypical comments about the first nations people, like, about their traditional clothing and this happens because people forget about how they act today and they start thinking about how the acted and looked like in the past.. The First Nation People also get discriminated because of their was of life, or at least what their way of life used to be like.
Canada government accused of discrimination against Aboriginal children

Canada In The Future (2050 My Prediction)


Life in 2050 by Tharanya10

Immigration In Canada in 2050

Since at the moment 20.6% of the population of Canada are immigrants i assumer that in the year 2050, 73% of the population would be immigrants. To get this number all i did was divide 14 (2014) by 50 (2050) and multiplied it by 20.6%. So mathematically I assume that 73% of the population of Canada in 2050 would be immigrants but the number of immigrants coming to Canada would stay the same, 250 000, or maybe decrease by maybe 50 000 resulting to the number of 200 000 immigrants maybe starting in 2025.

Demographic Population

I think that over the next years up to 2050 the population will slightly ascend because of what kids learn in school today. At the moment kids learn of what will happen to Canada if the population growth will keep moving at the rate it is, low birth rate. These kids will then start thinking more deeply into the matter as they grow and when they come to age of making a family maybe they might actually increase the birth rate slight causing a little bump in the population pyramid. Immigrants will also come into Canada thus creating a bump or adding onto the bump that is created.

First Nation

Hopefully the first nations problem will be done by 2050 and people will learn to treat the first nations with the things they do know and not reflect to the past and apply stereotypical comments to all first nations, and if not the first nations will take charge by then and stand up for what they think is right and people will finally learn about what they think.