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March 2020

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday with Community

Mr. Deppe and Mrs. Levesque would like to thank all of our Community Readers for coming to our school today to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday and share time with our students to encourage the importance of reading!

Read Across America Day March 2nd

Read Across America on Dr. Seuss Day! March 2nd

Each year our school invites renowned community members to come to Page Hilltop and read to our students. We encourage our community readers to share the value of reading with our students and how it helped them become successful in their careers. The day begins with a brief gathering in the library along with some refreshments to welcome our guests. Community members are assigned a classroom and provided a book to share with the class. The students love having members of our community come to visit ! This year we plan to have members read from the wide collection of Dr. Seuss books to honor his birthday.

Our 100th Day Song

Some of our third graders came up with a 100th day song with the help of Mrs. Richter. The students sang the song during morning announcements on Monday, February 10th!

MARCH has arrived!

They say that March "comes in like a lion" or is it "a panther"! Our school mascot is all ready for March and St. Patrick's Day! This past February will go down as one of the warmest and with the least amount of snowfall! Let's hope that March continues on the warming trend and we can truly celebrate the coming of Spring on March 20th! As you enter our main office doors, you will see the crocuses coming up in our garden.

Mrs. Cowley's Tallest Hat Competition

Grade 4 & 5 students in Mrs. Cowley's art classes were recently involved in a "tallest hat competition". This activity is an example of a STEAM-based learning activity. It involved artistic creativity along with some engineering theories. All hats wer made with only 1” x12” paper strips and Elmer’s glue. They had to stand by themselves to be measured. The timing of this project was great as we plan for Dr. Seuss week and I think about the storybook "500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins".

Addy Johnson in Mrs. Silva’s 4th grade won the Tallest Hat Competition with a 65” tall hat! Olivia Gibbons’, also from Mrs. Silva’s 4th grade had the second tallest hat at 55” and Jake Leone from Mr. Whittemore’s 5th grade was right behind that with a 54” hat.
It’s a real challenge to make them this tall! Congratulations!

The benefits of YOGA!

Our physical education teacher, Mr. O'Brien, and our health teacher, Mrs. Gravelle, combined their 5th grade and kindergarten classes to teach the physical and emotional benefits of yoga. Thank you to the Ayer Shirley Education Foundation for the grant to purchase yoga mats for this class!

Get ready to CELEBRATE!

On March 17th we will celebrate "St. Patrick's Day" and all students are encouraged to wear something GREEN (even if you aren't Irish). In past years there have been rumors of leprechauns visiting our school?

On March 20th we will celebrate the coming of SPRING! We encourage all students to wear their favorite spring attire. Let's see lots of colorful clothing, spring sports gear, sunglasses & hats! If the outside temperatures are still on the cool side, warm warm layers to school and you can take them off in class.

APAC - Great Family Viewing!

We are very pleased with the relationship we have developed with Scott Kurland of APAC. Scott and his crew have been providing us with quality video coverage of many school events. He frequently collaborates with our very own Mrs. Mayo to bring these projects forward.

Please go to the following site:

to view APAC video broadcasts of: The Harlem Wizards Game

The Great KIndness Challenge assembly

The Prince & The Pauper play

You will also be able to view some of the outstanding productions of our "PH Panthers News Team", a student news team directed by Mrs. Mayo.

The Word Collector

Mrs. Reilly's second graders decided to combine Read Across America with the book The Word Collector by Peter Reynolds. The Class was encouraged to come dressed as a word today. We will be doing different activities throughout the week related to the book.

The kids will be painting rocks and writing a word of their choice on the rock. I thought it would be fun to place these rocks throughout the school/campus.


Students in grades 1-5 have the opportunity to earn a music bracelet at the end of each music class! Every student has their name on a popsicle stick and at the beginning of every music class Mrs. Richter “picks a stick.” She doesn’t announce whose stick is picked until the very end of class. She watches the behavior of that child throughout the class, and if they do a nice job, they earn the bracelet! If they need more than a couple of reminders, Mrs. Richter puts their stick back and they get another chance in another class. It is a fun way for students to try their best and get rewarded for their good behavior in music class!

New Sensory Path

Thanks to the efforts and support of Assistant Superintendent Charlie Caliri, we were recently able to "install" a 2nd Sensory Path in out school. It is located off of the grade 1 hallway and is ready for use by our kindergarten and grade 1 students. Our 1st Sensory Path, which was designed and installed by our OT / PT personnel - Mrs. Saucier & Mrs. Austin, is located in the lower part of the school so to be accessible by students in grades 2-5.

These Sensory Paths are very well aligned with the Zones of Regulation and with the Second Step resources that have been in use. If students are feeling as though they are not in the green zone (not ready to learn), then one tool that might work for a kid is to use a sensory pathway to help them get back to Green. The pathways are largely designed for gross motor/high energy movements at the beginning of the pathway, and as the student moves along the pathway, the movements become a little slower, coordinated, and calming. At the end of the pathway, students should take two big "belly" breaths, and then ask themselves, "Am I ready to learn?"

You may go on the link below to watch a demonstration of a student using the Sensory Path.

Nature Walk

Preschool students and teachers are participating in a year long Environmental Education Program. The series of teacher trainings and nature walks with students and parents is presented by MA Audubon Society and local naturalist Laurie Nehring, an Ayer resident. The program is funded through the district's Title I federal grant program.

Ayer Police Department - Good Response Time!

When the call went out for community members to come to PH and help serve lunches to our students, the Ayer Police Department demonstrated excellent response time. We were pleased to welcome Chief Bill Murray, Deputy Chief Brian Gill, SRO Jennifer Bigelow, Sgt. Edmonds & Ofc. Nicoli as honorary lunch servers. They were very enthusiastic in their "new roles" and delighted the students with their presence.

Teach Organizational Skills

1. Check your child's assignment book or homework folder EVERY night.

2. Set up-a tray on your child's desk for papers you need to check.

3. Talk to your child about keeping his/her desk neat and orderly at school.

4. Teach your child how to use a calendar or a planner to help stay organized

ASRSD 2019 2020 Calendar

See the attached calendar

Upcoming Events

MARCH 5th: PTO Monthly Meeting 7:00 pm

MARCH 6th: PTO Movie Night "Frozen II" 6 - 8 pm

MARCH 11th: PLT to Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry

MARCH 15th St Paddy's Day 5K Foot Pursuit (Run or Walk)

MARCH 17th: Wear your green day!

MARCH 18th: School Council 3:30

MARCH 18th: School Committee Meeting

MARCH 19th: ½ day (Professional Development)

MARCH 20th: First day of spring!

MARCH 21st: PTO Boys' Dance/Activity Night

MARCH 23rd: Report Cards Issued

MARCH 26th : ½ day (Conference Prep/Evening Conference)

MARCH 27th: ½ days (Parent/Teacher Afternoon Conferences)